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Sommer Needlepunch Effex: Giant Carpet floor tiles for gyms, offices and sport halls

Sports hall floor protection is now a commonplace because of the numerous events that are taking place but with Effex from Sommer Needlepunch, you can be guaranteed that the wear and tear that comes with big events, such as glass, stones and spilled drinks, will be dealt with.  With these carpet tiles, you will be insuring the longevity of your delicate floor by protecting it regularly when you are organising events. The modular floor, which comes in a tile format, cannot only be used for gyms, halls and sports halls but can also be utilised outside, turning any area into a temporary flooring solution. Discover how this floor protector can be an all-round solution for your needs in the BRICOFLOR online shop. BRICOLFLOR is one of the largest supplier of flooring solutions in the United Kingdom. We can guarantee delivery of the best floors for the lowest prices.

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Sommer Effex 1 x 1 m

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Try Sommer Needlepunch Effex and receive durable flooring for commercial areas

Hall protection has become something regular in our everyday life, whether you are looking to protect the floor in an office, school or sports hall, the Effex assortment will certainly suit your needs. Three colours are available in this collection, “Grey-Blue”, “Dark-Grey” and “Anthracite”. The manufacturer chose these muted dark colours because they know that the floor will have a high frequency of visitors. Lighter colours would reveal stains easier and acquire a worn-out look faster.   

1x1 and 2x1 metre Flooring: The reasons why Effex is superb

Two things make this Sommer Needlepunch product a great modular flooring solution. The first is that it is designed to make any area into a multi-purpose space in a matter of minutes.  The lightweight structure of the giant carpet tiles make it easy to lay them fast and effortles, converting any space magnificently. The second advantage is the size of the tiles. They are made in two sizes, 1x1 and 2x1 metre, which gives them an added advantage when laying them in very large areas such as a school hall or gym. With these extra-large floor tiles, you can be sure that your delicate floor will be protected from dirt, shoe scuffs and spills. In addition, you are able to cover a broader area in quicker succession.  

Delicate floor protection: Sommer Needlepunch Effex in user class 32

When protecting you floor there are numerous things to take into account, such as where will you stack chairs if needed or where food stalls and stages can be setup without damaging the floor. With Effex you do not need to worry about any of these things because of the superior strength of Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles. It comes in a user class of 32 for commercial and user class of 23 for residential, which can both withstand heavy furniture with castor wheels. It also has a Bfl-s1 fire retardant certificate making it useful for trade fares and large events that may use kitchens.

Event Flooring on BRICOFLOR UK: Sommer Needlepunch Effex carpet tiles

Here at BRICOFLOR  we are involved with flooring solutions for over 25 years and are one of the largest online suppliers in the UK. Whether you require modular flooring for your event to make it a multi-purpose space or you require assistance choosing what the right floor is for you, our customer care team are here to help. Call us today for a free quote or request a sample of any of our products.

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