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Tretford Plus7 – Hardwearing carpet tiles with a unique combination of materials

This amazing Tretford collection combines the excellence of the popular goat-hair products with the incredible durability of Nylon. Because of that, this is the only collection that is recommended for heavy commercial use, such as offices and other public areas. Whereas the entire Tretford assortment is focused on domestic use, Plus7 can withstand large amounts of traffic and footfall. The broad availability of colours combined with its amazing technical features makes this product an appealing solution for any person with taste and an eco-friendly conscience. Even the use of chair casters is permitted and will not damage the floor covering in any way.

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Tretford Plus7

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Choose Tretford Plus7 carpet tiles & Get an appealing design with an extensive colour palette

The high-grade ribbed needlefelt Corduroy surface is typical for the carpet tiles of the goat-hair manufacturer Tretford. The fine lines add a certain depth to the room and if you decide to lay them in a checkerboard pattern, you will end up with an intriguing design that gives the entire room a certain sophistication – no matter if you choose one or multiple hues. The available colour palette is immense, with a broad choice of classic as well as vivid tones. Loose-lay carpet tiles such as Tretford Plus7 can be combined however you desire. In other words, you can create a completely unique pattern with a mixture of several different colours to create a special looking flooring.

Tretford Plus7 – Popular goat-hair carpet tiles recommended for commercial use

While the extreme sturdiness of goat-hair can satisfy any expectations for residential use, if you want a reliable product for a commercial setting, Tretford Plus7 is the perfect solution, considering that it contains hardwearing Polyamide. The combination of high-grade goat-hair and exceptionally resilient Nylon make this carpet tile collection a superb choice for any office or public area that suffers from high traffic on a daily basis. Tretford even assures their customers that the use of chair caster will in no way be able to damage this flooring. Furthermore, these tiles have proven to actively improve the indoor air quality by absorbing dirt and fine dust particles into the yarn and as a result creating a cleaner and healthier environment for anybody frequenting the area. Another positive aspect of Tretford Plus7 is that it has strong sound insulating capabilities, reducing the noise of footsteps for a more peaceful indoor atmosphere.

Loose-lay Tretford Plus7 carpet tiles ensure an easy installation

The benefits of modular flooring options are quickly noticeable. Tretford carpet tiles are loose-lay, which means that there is no need for additional adhesives. You can save a lot of time, considering that there is no need to glue down the product. Moreover, you save money since you do not need to buy primers or other adhesives and the environment also benefits from less hazardous toxins. Finally, you remove the risk of damaging the underlying floor, since the tiles are loose-lay. Generally, all manufacturers produce this modular flooring in a practical format of 50cm x 50cm, which enables an incredible flexibility you cannot get from any other type. Even rooms with difficult edges and angles will not provide a problem when laying Tretford carpet tiles.

Tretford carpet tiles – Environmentally friendly handling from beginning to end

Tretford is a company that strongly focuses on the importance of sustainability and cooperation with nature. It is in their interest to utilise natural materials that ensures a sustainable recycling process without continuously exhausting the planet’s resources. Loose-lay Tretford Plus7 carpet tiles consist of a combination of goat-hair and hardwearing recycled Polyamide. The production process is strictly supervised to make sure that the animals and people are treated humanely before manufacturing the product that is ultimately sent out to the end-customer. Tretford Plus7 is an environmentally friendly carpet tile collection that not only helps the planet but at the same time improves the indoor air quality and thus the health of anyone frequenting the area.

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If you are looking for a high quality natural carpet tile collection, then do not look further. Tretford Plus7 comprises the best goat-hair and Polyamide material that together provide a first-class product you can find right here on our website BRICOFLOR UK. We offer all Tretford collections and colours at your disposal. Should you have any second thoughts whether it is the correct colour you picked, then go ahead and order a free sample first. In case there are any unanswered questions, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service.

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