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Tretford ECO Carpet Tiles – Made from the finest natural materials

For many years loose-lay carpet tiles from Tretford are viewed as an extremely eco-friendly product made from high-grade materials. Well-known for the utilisation of durable and recyclable Cashmere goat-hair, Tretford offers you with their ECO-tile an appealing design and professionally processed tile, containing only the best materials. A broad palette of vibrant colours provide a remarkable visual impact that lingers for a long time. The company stresses the importance of sustainability in all steps of the production process to guarantee the protection of resources and the environment. The ECO-tile convinces with extraordinary technical features that have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing because this flooring actually absorbs dirt and dust particles into the tile and throught that improves the indoor air quality.

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Tretford Eco Carpet Tiles

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Choose your prefered Tretford ECO tile from a vast colour palette

The main proportion of these carpet tiles consists of 80% Cashmere goat-hair from Mongolia that is carefully extracted after being monitored by professionals for a long period. This enables the unusual vivid colourways that are available in this extremely large palette. Therefore, you have the possibility to perfectly match this product to the already existing interior decoration for a harmonical ensemble that will impress any visitor. Multiple coloured yarns create an intriguing mottled look that is not only able to coat small amounts of dirt but also adds a certain elegance to the carpet tile’s colour. Discover the large versatility of nuances and gather fresh inspiration. There are natural green tones that remind of the variations that can be seen in a forest. Additionally, there are various types of bright yellow that remind of an intense curry or corn. A multitude of blues, resembling the beauty of oceans, lakes or rivers can give any room an extra layer of elegance. Naturally, Tretford also offers all the classic colours ranging from anthracites, beiges and greys to browns. All in all, you can see that the selection is immense, providing a hue option for any desire and need.

Tretford ECO Carpet Tiles – Premium Cashmere goat-hair for the best quality

The ECO Carpet tiles of Tretford are a modular flooring that has a ribbed structure, consisting of 80% Cashmere goat-hair and 20% wool. This unique mixture ensures an exceptionally hardwearing recyclable needlefelt surface that is one of the quality indicators of this product. The easy to clean yarn can deal without problems with any smaller dirt or dust particles and creates a positive atmoshperic environment. It has been proven that the indoor air quality is improved, which effectively benefits the health of any person frequenting the area. Additionally, the tile shows a remarkable resistance to catching fire and has been classified as Cfl-s1, extremely fire resistant. This product is also compatible with underfloor heating and the premium quality surface supports a high rate of impact sound insulation, which greatly reduces the noise caused by footsteps and therefore helps create a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in your home or office.

Loose-lay carpet tiles ensure an easy installation

The popular Tretford ECO tile is a loose-lay floor covering that is available in a handy format of 50cm x 50cm. The size brings many advantages with it, from transportation to storing and installing. Since you are dealing with loose-lay carpet tiles here, there is absolutely no need for any kind of adhesives. As a result, you will save money and the environment will benefit too. Additionally, there is no risk of damaging the underfloor by using toxic glues or primers. Offcuts are made easy thanks to the high cutting edge resistance of the Tretford ECO carpet tile that prevents any fraying of the corners. The stability of this flooring is guaranteed by the own weight of the tile in combination with a strong resilient Polyester fleece backing that contains 70% recycled materials. Should you ever decide to move to a different place, this type of floor covering can easily be removed and even reinstalled in another location in addition to leaving the old ground in a good state.

Tretford – Help preserve the environment with ECO carpet tiles

Tretford’s ECO tile is a promising product. For many years, this collection has been known for its uncomparable quality. The durable mixture of goat-hair and wool is not only easy to treat but its improves the atmospheric environment too. High-grade natural materials are processed under strict supervision and careful handling of man and animal. As a result, you have a unique surface containing natural hair fibres that provide an extremely environmentally friendly product that delivers excellent quality directly in your home.

Visit BRICOFLOR UK and find all Tretford collections and colours

This exceptional product offers you practical as well as visual benefits. With an appealing design, Tretford carpet tiles are the perfect match for anyone with an eye for quality and modern taste. If this flooring option meets your expectations, you can directly order any colour and collection provided by the manufacturer from our website BRICOFLOR UK. Naturally, if you want to verify that the colour is also what you expect it to be, do not hesitate to order free samples first and we will send them out as soon as possible.

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