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Abingdon Carpets - The High-Quality Flooring Solution to Stand the Test of Time

If you are looking for a comfortable yet hard-wearing carpet, Abingdon carpets are the ideal choice for you. The collections are for domestic use and the great variety of styles and designs will suit every taste. Abingdon Flooring only uses high-quality materials for their products. This way, their premium broadloom is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Using high-end yarn made of polyamide or polypropylene, the manufacturer makes sure that the carpet will retain its soft and comfortable surface for many years to come. Carpet is a popular choice for cosy spaces like living rooms and bedrooms for many reasons: The soft surface is lovely to walk on and creates a relaxed atmosphere. On top of that, broadloom has excellent sound absorbing qualities, resulting in a calm and quiet ambiance. Many collections by Abingdon Flooring are suitable for all areas of the home, including kitchens, hallways, stairs and even bathrooms. This way, you can achieve a coherent look in your entire house.

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Abingdon Carpets

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A great variety of designs to suit every taste and budget

You will experience the agony of choice when looking at the different collections by Abingdon Flooring: The collections differ in pile height, colour, and design but share premium quality and excellent durability. Whether you are looking for a robust carpet for your hallway or a luxurious one for your bedroom, Abingdon has it all! If you like uni-coloured carpets, have a look at the collections Stainfree Arena Plus, Rustique Deluxe and Hidden Depths, which feature a slightly mottled design, created by well-matched nuances in the yarn. If you like patterns, you should not miss Boutique, which offers exciting striped designs (partly with bold and eye-catching colour combinations). The collections Innovations and Tweed also offer a patterned design, which is available in a great variety of colours. Take your time browsing the collections by Abingdon Flooring and do not hesitate to order free samples if you cannot decide on your favourite colour and design right away.

Premium carpets made in the UK

Many people all over the UK choose a carpet by Abingdon Flooring because they are the UK's largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets. As a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North of England, they currently employ a total workforce of 400 people. Producing their broadloom in the UK, Abingdon can monitor each production step to ensure premium quality. By choosing a carpet that was made in the UK, you are choosing the eco-friendly option: Due to the relatively short transportation routes, there is only little emission. Abingdon always produces the carpets with the environment in mind. All collections are produced in the country, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards. This way, Abingdon can offer wear warranties, ranging from 5 to 12 years, so you will not have to worry about the deterioration of your carpet.

Here is why you cannot beat a Stainfree carpet by Abingdon Flooring

Stainfree carpets by Abingdon Flooring really are the best you can find. As the name suggests, carpets labelled Stainfree will always stay free of stains. These carpets are made from fibres with a built-in resistance to liquids, dust, and dirt, protecting them against everyday soiling. The special no-stain technology prevents food and drink spillage from entering the pile so that quick cleaning can remove the spill before it stains. All Stainfree products are bleach cleanable and if you register for the programme on Abingdon's website, the company promises to replace, free of charge, any carpet protected by this guarantee, which has a food or drink stains that cannot be removed by a professional cleaner. That is one of the reasons why the Stainfree collections by Abingdon Flooring are the ideal choice for busy families. This guarantee gives you one thing less to worry about and more time to focus on the things you love.

StainFree, Aqua ProTec™, Love Story - Different top qualities highlighted

While all Abingdon carpets boast the StainFree technology, the original and the most popular ever Easy-clean carpet, some products have extra, enhancing properties. The Stain-Free technology ensures strong protection against all food and drink stains, and products with this technology all benefit from Abingdon's own Free Lifetime Guarantee. This means that your carpet will be replaced, free of charge, if a stain occurs that can not be removed by a professional cleaner! To benefit from this guarantee, you only have to register your purchase at the Abingdon website and follow a few guidelines.

Aqua ProTec™ - The ultimate guard against spills and stains

Thanks to a unique treatment boast the Aqua ProTec™ carpet collections and even better protection against spills and stains. Through an advanced process are the fibres made hydrophobic. That means that they actively repel liquids, creating a water-proof barrier between the spill and the carpet. This makes sure the liquid does not soak into the carpet, giving you more time to clean it up. Simply soak up the liquid with a dry rag or towel, and watch the stain disappear right before your very eyes! No fuss, no smell, just good housekeeping. And as a bonus, these carpets are bleach cleanable. Perfect for the modern home. Feel free to have a look at some of our favourite Aqua ProTec™ collections: Classic Supreme and Classic Twist.

Soft and warm - The Love Story Collections

When you ask a poet to describe love, "soft" and "warm" probably are the first two words they'll say. As such, it's no wonder that Abingdon chose this name, that's remarkably fitting. That is because these carpets are so unusually soft, you'll fall in love right away! But it's not just soft & sumptuous, it also keeps your space and feet nicely cosy and warm. And the clever folks at Abingdon also tackled the most important concern for people looking to buy extra soft carpets: the difficulty of cleaning. All carpets in the Love Story collections are completely bleach cleanable! Check out the Deep Feelings and Lasting Romance collections today.

Get all Abingdon carpets at the best price in the UK

Why pay more for your Abingdon carpet if you can have it for less? We offer all collections at the best price and round everything off with excellent service and fast delivery. If you need help deciding on the ideal carpet for your home, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. Our competent team will do everything they can to find the carpet that perfectly suits your needs. Since there are many colours and designs to choose from, we invite you to order free carpet samples to help you make the best decision.