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Carpet – Stainfree by Abingdon—Classic Supreme

The Stainfree Classic Supreme is available in 20 timeless colours in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 meter widths. The variety of width options ensures a more accurate fit keeping waste minimal, which is not only eco-friendly but also saves you money. This durable 2-ply yarn carpet is made from 100% zylon polypropylene, a very robust and soil resistant material. Carpets made from this high-end polypropylene are extremely soft and warm, bringing that classy and comfortable atmosphere that you are looking for from a carpet right into your own home. The Superbac® technology adds even more stability to the Abingdon Stainfree Classic Supreme and makes the fitting process quite simple and accurate. This finely crafted carpet is made right here in Great Britain and is suitable for heavy domestic wear. The Classic Supreme truly shines when it comes to quality and durability. Abingdon is so confident in the quality of this carpet they back it with a 10 year warranty.  In addition to the 10-year wear warranty, this high-quality carpet is guaranteed for life to protect against all household stains. The Abingdon Stainfree Classic Supreme is equipped with AquaPro-Tec™ technology, which stops all liquids from being absorbed by the carpet. This means that liquids such as juice, coffee and even red wine can be simply soaked up with a paper towel –leaving your carpet free of any stains or odours. Abingdon Stainfree Classic Supreme carpets are the highest quality carpet available in the Abingdon Stainfree Classic collection. If you are looking to bring a warm and comfortable carpet into your home that will continue to look spotless for years come, this is your choice.

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Abingdon Aqua ProTec™ Classic Supreme

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Carpet –Made in Great Britain

The Stainfree Classic Supreme carpet is produced right here in Great Britain. You are getting the highest quality carpet with the Stainfree Classic Supreme as it utilizes the latest technologies to create a high quality product. This carpet comes backed by a 10-year wear warranty as well as a Stainfree for Life Guarantee. The Stainfree Classic Supreme features the patented Superbac® technology, which reinforces and stabilises the carpet. This added stability makes the Stainfree Classic Supreme easy to install as well as extra durable. This carpet also utilizes the innovative AquaPro-Tec™ technology, which makes the carpet repel liquid stains. Liquids such as juice, coffe, and even red wine will not seep in preventing stains and odours from seeping into your carpet. This carpet is sure to maintain its exceptional good looks and exquisite quality for many years to come.

Carpet – High end style, low maintenance

The Stainfree Classic Supreme from Abingdon is the highest quality carpet in the Stainfree Classic Collection. This carpet features the latest technologies to make this carpet easy to clean and long lasting. With this carpet you get all the advantages of a high quality carpet, including their exceptional good looks, without compromising the durability of your carpet. This curly velour carpet is sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to looks, but it will also wow you with the advances made in preventing stains in your carpet.

Style options for every home

The Stainfree Classic Supreme carpet is available in 20 timeless colours, making it the ideal carpet to fit the needs of any home. This carpet is sure to complement the interior of both classic and modern style interiors. This premium carpet is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a carpet that will meet not only their need for a durable and resilient carpet but also their need for a stylish, high-end carpet then the Stainfree Classic Supreme is the carpet to fulfill your needs. Order a free sample to be delivered straight to your door, and decide for yourself that the Stainfree Classic Supreme is the carpet for your home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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