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Carpet - Stainfree Classic Twist by Abingdon

The Stainfree Classic Twist Collection from Abingdon features a stylish and durable carpet collection suitable for almost any room in your home. With 20 timeless colours, this carpet is an ideal option for those searching for a carpet to complement their home. This high quality carpet will wow you with how comfortable and luxurious it is the first moment you walk on it, surprising you even further with its outstanding durability and exceptional stain resistance.

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Abingdon Aqua ProTec™ Classic Twist

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This carpet features the latest technologies including the patented Superbac® technology, which reinforces the carpet making it more durable and sturdy. This additional sturdiness makes this carpet easy to install. With 1,2,3,4, and 5-meter widths available, you are sure to get a precise fitting carpet. This precision saves you time and money as it minimizes the amount of wasted material. This durable carpet is suitable for any room in your home, even high traffic areas, stairs, and bathrooms. Without a doubt, the Stainfree Classic Twist Collection is the ideal carpet solution for your home. Order a free carpet sample from our website to see what the Stainfree Classic Twist will look like in your home.

Carpet – Stainfree Classic Twist by Abingdon: Made in Great Britain

Stainfree Classic Twist carpets manufactured in Great Britain ensuring the high quality you expect. The manufacturing processes are monitored carefully to ensure the high quality of these carpets. The Stainfree Classic Twist is produced using several patented technologies such as SuperBac® technology. The SuperBac® Technology increases the carpets stability making the fitting process easier and more accurate. A strong backing prevents against creasing, making this carpet stand out as a high quality product. Stainfree Classic Twist carpets are made from 100% Zylon polypropylene, an extremely soft and resilient material. This high-end polypropylene makes a marked difference in quality and ensures that Stainfree Classic Twist Carpets are without exception extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. The Classic Twist also utilizes the new Aqua Pro-Tec™ technology to prevent liquids from seeping into the carpet, making this carpet even more stain resistant.

Carpet – Stainfree Classic Twist by Abingdon: Stainfree for life!

All Stainfree Classic Twist Carpets are bleach cleanable and soil resistant. This makes this carpet incredibly easy to clean. Additionally, the Stainfree Classic Twist Collection is backed by a Stainfree for Life Guarantee. Abingdon is so confident in the Stainfree Collection’s stain resistance, that they guarantee their product is protected against all household stains for life. The innovative Aqua Pro-Tec™ technology ensures that all liquid stains are easy to remove, as this technology prevents liquid stains from setting, even red wine. This Stainfree carpet will provide you with a beatufiul carpet for years to come, without the hassle of other high maintenance carpets. If you put your trust into a Stainfree carpet, you will be able to leave your worries about stains at your doorstep.

Stainfree Classic Twist by Abingdon: Timeless in Quality and Style

The Stainfree Classic Twist product line offers 20 exquisite colour options, ensuring you find the perfect carpet for your home. This timeless collection will look great in your home, coordinating with any style. With free samples delivered straight to your door, you can see if the Stainfree Classic Twist Collection is the carpet for your home. If you are in the market for a high-quality carpet that will continue to look great for many years to come, the Stainfree Classic Twist may be the carpet you are looking for. If you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to help. Take a look at the many collections from Abingdon we offer and all the other products we have.