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Abingdon’s Stainfree Majesty demonstrates the high quality of Abindon carpets

The Stainfree Majesty by Abingdon Flooring is one of the many fine carpets in the Stainfree Collection by Abingdon. This carpet is available in a variety of unique colours that are sure to be the perfect addition to any room. These carpets are not only extremely stylish, but are some of the most durable carpets on the market. Abingdon backs these carpets not only with a 10 year warranty but their Stainfree for Life Guarantee. This ensure your carpet will look as good as you expect for the lifespan of you carpet. Don’t compromise, get the best of durability and design with the Stainfree Majesty.

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Abingdon Stainfree Majesty 50oz

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High-quality carpet, Abingdon’s Stainfree Majesty, is proudly produced right here in the UK

The Stainfree Majesty by Abingdon Flooring is a stunning carpet produced right here in Great Britain. This carpet features the latest technology in carpet manufacturing such as Abingdon’s SuperBac® Technology, which stabilises and reinforces the Stainfree Majesty. It is the harmonious combination of the 100% polypropylene surface with the SuperBac® technology, which makes the Stainfree Majesty the resilient and quality carpet that you expect from a British company such as Abingdon Flooring.

Abingdon’s Stainfree Majesty comes backed with a Stainfree for Life Guarantee

The Stainfree Majesty, like all carpets from the Stainfree Collection, are backed by the Stainfree for Life Guarantee. Abingdon is so confident in their Stainfree Collection’s ability to resist staining, that they back all of their Stainfree carpets with a guarantee that their carpets will remain stain-free even when faced with liquids such as soda, juice, and even red wine. The Stainfree Majesty is sure to stand up to any challenge your life throws at it, whether it is staining or just the wear that comes from your hectic life. Either way, the Stainfree Majesty is the perfect carpet for your home meeting your needs of quality, style, and durability.

Stainfree Majesty has 17 captivating colour options, perfect for any home

The Stainfree Majesty by Abingdon is available in 17 beautiful colour options, ranging from deep browns to cheerful reds. The Stainfree Majesty is sure to complement the style of any room. The Stainfree Majesty doesn’t compromise on durability and stain resistance in favor of style. In fact, the Stainfree Majesty is crafted from 100% polypropylene making it extremely soft and durable. This durability of this carpet is not surface deep, the backing of this carpet is made using Abingdon’s SuperBac® Technology. This technology makes this carpet one of the most durable and stable carpets available. If you are in the market for an exceptionally stylish, yet durable carpet, then the Stainfree Majesty is the carpet for you. Do you want to take a look at the carpets before ordering? Order a free sample! Take a look at the BRICOFLOR UK website to find the collections from Abingdon and all the other products we offer. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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