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Associated Weavers - Luxurious Carpets For The Elegant And Practical Buyer

The varied collections from Associated Weavers are meant to serve the luxurious needs of the buyers looking for the real feel of sensuality and comfort. Associated Weavers is one of the best manufacturers of carpet flooring in Europe. This Belgian brand is well-known for their exceptional quality and trendsetting designs.

£44.95 per m²
Shipping: £34.95 per order

Their high-end carpet collection, Sensuality and Invictus are the highest quality flooring available and has only recently become available for sale in the UK. The deep, luxurious pile of these carpets are manufactured using the latest technologies and highest quality materials. The Associated Weavers collection comprises renowned iSense Sensuality and Invictus enabling luxurious and sensuous lifestyle. Each of these luxurious carpets features unique qualities, which make them the perfect carpeting for your home. Associated Weavers emphases on offering carpets as per the lifestyle that suits you the best and exuding the personal preferences respectively.

Associated Weavers Lifestyle Carpets - Rediscovering The Essence Of Life

The focus is laid mostly on the natural effects and carpets fulfilling the simplicity of interior. The harmony enabling carpets from this manufacturer renders soft earth, sand and chalk tones creating a peaceful ambience to your home decor. The sustainable and lived in look offered by Associated Weavers enables a typical touch to your carpet. Natural materials like wool with harmonious combinations of colours, materials, and textures in a simple life interior invite one to slow down and cocoon. The City life theme is characterized by minimalist decoration with a focus on the power of sober simplicity. These range of carpets are suitable for those who want to live in an urban luxury. In these carpets, there is no room for busy patterns or frivolous frills.

One of the best-seller collection from Associated Weavers is the iSense Sensuality collection. Sensuality is the embodiment of tenderness and strength, so cuddly yet so powerful. Sensuality is made up of several collections of unique broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of colours. The ideal carpet for a bedroom, full of warmth, comfort and elegance. This carpet pile is known in the carpeting industry for its extreme durability and softness. These high-end carpets are suitable for intensive domestic use such as in home offices, dining rooms, living rooms, and even stairs and hallways. This carpet range is designed to be slip resistant, fire resistant, and due to its high grade colour fastness it is extremely resistant to fading. The Associated Weavers Sensuality range is given the highest luxury rating possible due to the high-quality products, exceptional manufacturing, and elegant design of this high-end collection.

iSense Serenity carpet - feeling is believing

Heavy domestic and hard wearing, perfect for living rooms, stairs, landings and bedrooms. Available in a variety of colours, the embodiment of tenderness and strength, so cuddly yet so powerful. Sensuality is formed of many collections of distinctive broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of colours. The ideal carpet for a bedchamber, full of softness, comfort and luxury. iSense may be a distinctive, extremely soft 100% polyamide yarn that outperforms any other carpet yarn when it comes to soothing comfort. With its high range of fine filaments, iSense simply adds another dimension to broadloom carpet. Sensualité is formed of many collections of exquisite and distinctive broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of enchanting colours, offering sheer tactile delight.

Crafted to such a high standard, each of the iSense carpets come with a 20-year wear warranty for your peace of mind. Associated Weavers (AW) is one in every of the most important producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. Made from 100% polyamide, with a total thickness 19.5mm and 20-year wear guarantee. Wonderful soft feel created from one in every of the most effective performing arts carpet fibres-polymer. Regardless the super soft feel, Serenity has better appearance retention. Heavy domestic rating creating Serenity appropriate for everyplace within the home. Made from the exclusive iSense the yarn this collection is very soft yet at the same time is very strong and the soft touch has to be felt to be believed!

Bring the elegance and comfort into your home - iSense Sensuality

This high-quality carpet is available in 9 different unique collections, giving you a wide-range of design options to choose from.This carpet is for those who embrace sumptuousness and great traditions. A major collection that has won the hearts of the designers is The Seduction, a luxurious carpet from Associated Weavers designed to comfort you with irresistible softness and elegant design. The 17 colours available in this plush collection feature a discreet lustre, which adds a mesmerizing and irresistible element to the design. Sensuality Seduction is ranked in the highest luxury class, ensuring you are getting the best possible quality carpet available.

This 100% Polyamide carpet is soft and cosy, making it extremely comfortable underfoot. This Saxony carpet is suitable for intensive domestic use, such as living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and even stairs and are designed for maximum comfort and are compatible with an underfloor heating system. This range also offer additional safety designs with its slip resistance and fire resistance qualities. This deep pile, luxurious carpet is manufactured using the best materials and latest technology to create a 13.5 mm thick frieze pile. The Sensuality Seduction is available in 4m and 5 m widths.

Associated Weavers - The way to divine comfort - Invictus

These carpets are made using state-of-the-art technology, high-grade equipment with an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of polyolefin chemistry. The unique shape of the fibres cross-section and the high number of pile fibre both contribute highly to the outstanding softness, bulk and lustre of the Invictus carpet. This carpet is known for is invincible comfort that will convince even the most demanding amongst you. The carpet‘s stunningly rich texture and opulent body is created using the latest generations of solution dyed yarns All Invictus qualities are made of the new iVinci yarn. This new era of Solution Dyed Olefin yarns (SDO) is recognized by superior softness, lustre, bulk and  outstanding stain resistance. iVinci was made in collaboration with yarn manufacturers at world level making use of state-of-the-art extrusion methods and having a thorough knowledge of SDO chemistry and technology, which enables them to produce these unique yarns.

Shopping For luxury online carpets - made easy with BRICOFLOR!

Bricoflor has been in the carpet and flooring industry for over 40 years. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that you are getting the best quality flooring, as we only offer the highest quality products. The collections from Associated Weavers are luxurious and offers quality flooring option, perfect for any home. Please make use of our free sample service and see for yourself how Associated Weavers´s wide range will fit seamlessly into your home. Your sample will be delivered directly to your home, giving you a quality shopping experience right in the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us give us a call or send us an e-mail. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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