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AW Equator Carpet - Innovative carpet with a fascinating frieze texture

Associated Weavers company is based on current trends and therefore offers mainly high quality carpets in monochrome design. But the company is also proving to be progressive - as evidenced by its innovative GAIA series, which uses polyester as pile material, closing the gap between polyamide and polypropylene products. This includes the new AW Equator collection, which combines a velvety soft surface with a durable, durable core.


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Bring harmony into your rooms - with AW's carpet

With Associated Weavers Equator you can choose between 16 different designs in mottled optics. The colour spectrum of the collection ranges from soft beige and brown tones to unsaturated green, blue and red nuances. The muted colours enhance the appearance of your rooms without creating strong contrasts. The decor AW Equator "02" is particularly elegant in a delicate white. It is ideal for smaller spaces, which will not only visually enlarge, but also filled with light and clarity. If you want to use this decor in your home, you should avoid black pieces of furniture as they may affect the harmonious effect. Instead, add small accents in dark colours to create a modern flair. AW Equator is one of the frieze-textured carpets created by the curvature of the yarn tips. It creates a disordered structure that gives the knitted fabric visual depth while minimizing the formation of raceways. Therefore, this collection cuts a fine figure even in rooms with a high frequency of use. It also features the highest luxury 5 - the 12mm long fibres will give your feet an incomparably comfortable feel.

Associated Weavers Equator - Flexible use in your home

Associated Weavers Equator has been awarded the highest use rating for the home. Therefore, you can lay the first-class carpet in your own home even in heavily used rooms. In addition, the collection is suitable for the cladding of stairs. In this way, you get a uniform solution for your home and at the same time benefit from the skid resistance of the knitted fabric. According to fire protection class Cfl-s1, the collection proves to be flame retardant in case of fire and develops only a small amount of smoke. It also contains no harmful substances such as pentachlorophenol or formaldehyde. You can feel safe with this sheet material!

The golden mean - the advantages of polyester – AW Equator

Associated Weavers carpets uses traditional polyester as the pile material for AW Equator. This has better durability compared to polypropylene and withstands higher loads. Because the fibres are made in a solution-dye process, they absorb the dye not only at the surface but also at depth. For this reason, the material has high light fastness, which protects the carpet from the colour loss when exposed to sunlight. It does not require extensive care since the fibres are stain and water repellent. Polyester carpets offer excellent technical properties and are therefore cheaper than polyamide products.

AW FusionBac - The refined back for easy installation

But not only with regard to the pile material, we rely on innovative solutions. Carpets are made using an internally developed back, the FusionBac. As its name suggests, it is a combination of several materials - fleece and polypropylene. For you, this means above all one thing: you can decide flexibly how you would like to lay the collection. From fixation to full bonding, all options are open to you. You do not have to miss the comfort of warm feet either. AW Equator scores with a low thermal resistance of 0.14 m2C ° / W, which allows efficient use of hot water underfloor heating. The carpet is an active way to help you relax at home. The natural footfall sound insulation reduces the volume of noises by up to 30 dB, so you can look forward to a quiet environment with no annoying noise.

Discover the diversity of Associated Weavers Equator in the BRICOFLOR shop!

You want to beautify your rooms with the carpet of AW Equator? Then secure yourself the luxury quality at an unbeatable price with an order in our online store, thanks to our best price guarantee. If you want to get an idea of the wonderfully soft surface of the collection, you can do it with the help of our free sample service. Select one or more decors and we will send you the matching samples. Are you still unsure if AW Equator is the right product for your home? Then contact us simply by phone, by mail or via the contact form. Our team will gladly answer your questions and will gladly accept suggestions and wishes. Even if you want to tackle a major renovation project, you should contact us. In this case, we can provide you with an individual offer. We are looking forward to your message!

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