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AW Gusto carpet - A living light carpet

Associated Weavers carpets has been a renowned manufacturer of tufted carpeting since the 1960s. Through constant innovation and following current trends, the producer today relies on textile floor coverings with a monochrome design, which differs above all in color intensities and textures. The AW Gusto radiates pure liveliness with its texture and emphasizes this with its light color.

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AW Gusto

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    • Available Width 4m, 5m
    • Minimum order quantity: 3 linear metres
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A soft carpet with a carefree texture – Associated Weavers Gusto

The lively appearance of the AW Gusto can be attributed in particular to its unique frieze texture. It is a final product of the tufting process, which uses a special technique to produce so-called loop fabric, the surface of which, according to the name, consists of numerous loops. To create the frieze texture, the loops are cut in the middle and the freestanding piles are first turned up and then fixed. With a pile height of 11 millimeters and a total thickness of 13.5 millimeters, the frieze is in the category of long pile suede, promising a pleasantly soft feel. Visually, the conspicuous curvature of the pile tips creates a slightly grainy surface with a relaxing effect. Considering the pile weight of 1,100 g / m² and the total weight of 1,960 g / m², the carpet can be considered to have a compact and stable structure. Thus, the slightly moving texture is less sensitive to the formation of roads and warping. With regard to the high luxury category 4, the textile floor covering can be handled incomparably non-slip and velvety soft at the same time. The curly surface of the sheeting shines primarily in pastel shades that create a lively, light flair. They all impress with their high-grade colour fastness, which inhibits colour fading in the long term, even under sunlight. In this context, modern cream and sand colours, classic shades of grey as well as subtle mint and copper accents contrast with some intense coloratures. These include exotic red and burgundy shades, maritime blue and turquoise tones, as well as timeless anthracite and black accents. So the textile floor also exudes its light flair in your own home!

A light appearance meets inner strength – Associated Weavers carpets

Although the Associated Weavers carpets exudes such ease with its discreet appearance, it is extremely robust under its surface. This is due to the fact that the pile material of the textile roving is 100% made of the high-quality yarn material polyamide. The fibre stands out from others due to its high resistance. This is expressed for example by the fact that fraying of seams and cut edges of the textile floor covering is prevented. So it is even suitable for your stairs or your entrance area. Basically, the carpet can also be installed in all heavily used areas of your home, which makes it the highest category for the private sector category 23. The carpet is so resilient that it can withstand the roles of your office chair and that makes it an optimal choice in your home office. Here, the carpet also scores with its impact sound-absorbing effect of 30 dB, which ensures a quiet work environment. If you like to stay warm, especially in the living room, dining room or bedroom, thanks to its ability to be combined with hot water underfloor heating, the textile sheeting ensures that the cold remains outside. This is made possible by the low thermal resistance of 0.15 m²C ° / W. Nonetheless, the material's natural nature gives the Associated Weavers carpets a heat-insulating effect that keeps the cosiness even longer in the room.

A flooring for carefree security – Associated Weavers Gusto

The high durability of the AW Gusto gives it a high safety factor in addition to its longevity. With its non-slip texture, it ensures greater sure-footedness in your home. In addition, the fire protection class Cfl-s1 not only indicates that it is highly flame retardant but in addition, it only develops slight smoke in case of emergency. So you can always rely on the carpet for safety.

AW Gusto - A soft carpet with an even softer back

A velvety soft feel allows the AW Gusto to provide comfort beyond its useful surface and its unique carpet backing. The special FusionBac textile back was developed by carpets and has a high level of softness and flexibility in terms of its special composition. You can already benefit from this when laying the carpet, which is extremely easy to handle thanks to FusionBac technology. So you can fall back on many modern installation techniques, such as stretch-fit or fixation with double-sided tape or special Velcro tape. The innovative practices provide the best grip and ensure a residue-free removal.

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Bring lightness and vibrancy into your home's four walls by choosing the incomparable AW Gusto. Convince yourself of its advantages by simply putting together some of your favourite designs as part of our free sample service and then ordering them directly to your home. If you have chosen, order here at BRICOFLOR and enjoy the benefit of our best price guarantee. For particularly large order quantities, we can even send you an individual offer for your order. For this and all other questions and concerns, feel free to contact us either by phone, by e-mail or via our contact form to our competent contact persons. They are happy to assist you with words and deeds!