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AW Meridia carpet - as soft as a feather

The Belgian company Associated Weavers has been specializing for decades in the production of tufted carpeting. With the collection AW Meridia appeals to all those who are looking for a velvety textile floor covering that radiates incomparable lightness.


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lightness of the carpet will also liven up your home - Associated Weavers Meridia

At first glance, the AW Meridia catches the eye with the liveliness of its unique frieze texture. Their eye-catching face is created by their special production method. First of all, in the tufting process perfected by carpets, a carpet with a surface made of a loop structure is produced. These loops are severed in the middle of the next production step, resulting in numerous free-standing piles. These are finally turned up and fixed, resulting in a distinctive curvature of the pile tips. It gives the grainy surface its characteristic. This vibrant appearance is enhanced by the extraordinary pile height of 17 millimeters, with a total thickness of 19.5 millimeters. This carpet flooring has a total weight of 2,610 g / m. This soft and fluffy carpet is awarded the highest luxury category 5. At the same time, it makes the grippy nature insensitive to the formation of warps so that it keeps the exciting appearance in the long run. The long-term stability is complemented by the high colour fastness of each of the 16 radiant colours. In addition to modern earth and cream tones, classic grey and black accents are available. On the basis of cheerful red, blue and green nuances, the colour palette is completed by a few striking splashes of colour. So the textile floor covering brings the appropriate lightness into your everyday life.

Soft on the outside and heavy on the inside - AW carpets

AW Meridia soft frieze texture is really soft on the outside and at the same time it is very durable. This carpet is made with 100% polyester. This material is characterized by its strength and dimensional stability on one side, which makes it even suitable for your stairs or entrance area. On the other hand, the special fibres are so soft that AW carpets create a homely atmosphere, especially in the living room, bedroom and dining room. Basically, the floor covering can also be laid in all heavily used areas of your home and therefore corresponds to a class 23 service class. So it is also the right candidate for your hobby room or your home office. In addition, the processed Micro polyester fibres can store very good heat. It has a thermal resistance of 0.17 m²C ° / W, which allows you to easily combine it with your hot water underfloor heating. As a result, the textile floor, especially at cold times, brings vivid warmth to your home, effectively blocking the cold.

A pleasant everyday life thanks to a safe floor covering – AW Meridia

The quality-oriented production of the AW Meridia distinguishes it with various security features that bring even more comfort into your everyday life. On the one hand, the carpet provides greater slip resistance in your own home in terms of its slip resistance. On the other hand, scores with low flammability and a slight smoke. Accordingly, it is awarded the fire protection class Cfl-s1, which underlines its high quality material composition.

Associated Weavers Meridia – Easy installation

Provided with the FusionBac carpet backing created by Associated Weavers carpets, the AW Meridia is particularly easy to lay. It is made possible by the special combination of a fleece layer and a synthetic fabric that combines the advantages of the two most commonly used carpet backings. The result is a soft textile backing, which results in a 32 dB impact sound reduction effect. In addition, the FusionBac promises a comfortable installation, which can be selected from numerous techniques for fixation. For example, the lay-up products can be installed using stretch-fit, double-sided adhesive tape or a special Velcro strip. The modern methods offer a superior hold of the textile floor and also ensure easy removal if one day it should be peeled off.

Order the Carpet Floor Associated Weavers Meridia now online at BRICOFLOR!

Bring lightness to almost every corner of your home by choosing the feathery AW Meridia. We understand that choosing a new carpet is an important decision and, therefore, offer a free sample service to our customers. We will send your samples right to your doorstep so you can take as much time as you need to decide on your favourite colour and design. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Our competent team is always happy to help!

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