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AW Scorpius carpet - carpet with impressive splendor

The Belgian carpet manufacturer Associated Weavers has been known since the 1960s for taking innovative approaches. While this used to be predominantly for eye-catching decors, over the years the manufacturing processes and quality features of textile floor coverings also gradually gained importance. The AW Scorpius collection, which captivates with its extraordinary delicacy and splendor, was also created in this course

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AW Scorpius

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A carpet with an impressive appearance

As impressive as the scorpion's starry image shines in the night sky, the colours of the magnificent texture of the AW Scorpius shine so radiantly. This frieze texture is one of the long-pile suede and is also known as ruffled velour due to the distinctive curvature of its pile tips. The typical image of the surface is created by twisting and fixing the piles in a specific way during the production of the textile floor. This creates a lightly moving look, which is promoted by a pleasant pile height of 11 millimeters with a pile weight of 1,050 g / m². All in all, the overall thickness is 13.5 millimeters with a total weight of 1,950 g / m². In view of the frictional nature of the surface caused by the frieze texture, this is practically less sensitive to the formation of waves and warping. Provided with your favourite colour from the 11 modern cream, brown and grey tones, the carpet exudes a spectacular as well as informal flair. This carpet is awarded the luxury category 4, resulting in an all-around distinctive appearance.

A quality-oriented production process for an innovative carpet

As part of the launch of the Invictus brand, Associated Weavers carpets presents its iVinci SDO yarn, developed in partnership with leading yarn manufacturers. In the process, the fibres are cross-linked in a unique way with a high use of material, resulting in a superior quality of the pile material. The SDO yarn used consists of the synthetic fiber polyolefin and is dyed before it is cross-linked in a special solution dying process. Here, the peculiarity is that the colouring of the fibres already takes place when they are produced. At this point, the colours are trapped by the yarn such that, with the exception of a few pigments, it is completely dyed. The bottom line of this approach is that the final floor space not only has superior lightfastness but also repels stains. This makes cleaning the carpet easier and makes it the perfect choice for your dining room or living room, for example. At the same time, the lay-up is pleasantly fluffy and can easily be combined with your hot-water underfloor heating in consideration of a thermal resistance of 0.19 m²C ° / W. So it will be comfortable in your living room or bedroom. However, the SDO yarn is so strong that the textile floor corresponds to a domestic class of 22 and can be installed in all normally stressed areas of your home. In particular, your staircase comes into consideration, on which AW Scorpius scores in addition to its skid resistance with its impact sound insulation of 31 dB. Thus, the AW Scorpius shines with numerous features that make your everyday life more enjoyable and easier.

Comfortable installation thanks to state-of-the-art methods

A modern carpet should undoubtedly promise an equally modern handling. That's why Associated Weavers carpets provide the AW Scorpius with the proprietary FusionBac textile backing. This represents a combination of the advantages of the two most commonly used carpet backings, thereby achieving its superiority in both strength and softness. The FusionBac Back allows you to apply a variety of advanced techniques to install the lay-up, such as stretch-fit. The fixation with the aid of double-sided adhesive tape or special Velcro tape is comparatively uncomplicated. This biological adhesive is used to ensure the best hold of the textile floor. So not only the outdated practice of full glueing is a thing of the past, but also the cause of unsightly formation of waves. Nonetheless, at any point in time, the carpet can be removed without residue. In short, it offers timeless comfort in every detail.

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