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AW Secret carpet - this carpet offers luxury in abundance

In 2014, under the brand name Sensualité, the Belgian carpet manufacturer Associated Weavers presented its new driving force among textile floor coverings: the so-called super-soft collections. One of the twelve selected collections embodies the AW Secret collection. Their secret lies in their irresistible texture; thanks to which they bring the incomparable pleasure of luxury to their home.


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A carpet whose first impression convinces – AW carpets

As you know, the first impression decides whether you like it or not, and so it is the task of the AW Secret to inspire you at first glance. This carpet succeeds with his exciting frieze texture, which is characterized by the distinctive curvature of its pile tips. The curly structure is created by twisting and fixing the piles in a special way. With a pile height of an extraordinary 17 millimeters and a pile insert weight of 2,500 g / m², the characteristic design of the pile tips leads to a particularly non-slip and soft texture of the carpet. This has an extravagant thickness of 19.5 millimetres and corresponds to a total weight of 3,240 g / m², so you can already guess how much material was used for the production of the luxurious product. Each millimetre of the textile sheeting is so high-quality processed that it inevitably corresponds to the highest possible luxury class 5. The same applies to the sheer viewing of the floor, which presents itself in 18 expressive colourations. The colour richness ranges from gentle sand tones to charismatic earth shades to classic anthracite and black accents. The spectrum is complemented by a few colourful swabs in natural green, maritime blue and tender pink.

Associated Weavers Secret - The textile flooring for an unforgettable stay

The focus of the AW Secret undoubtedly is its unmistakable soft texture. Behind it is a high-quality yarn material made of polyamide, which is very bulky and fluffy. It is used as the only material for the production of the entire pile so that it is manufactured with the finest quality. Likewise, it is known for its enormous resilience. Among other things, this can be observed in the fact that the synthetic material does not wear, dries quickly and retains its shape. It gives the carpet a considerable strength which results in a category 31 service class for it. Thus, it is even suitable for laying in the lightly used object area and can accommodate the typical burden of hotel rooms and hotel suites. There, apart from its irresistible softness, combined with a hot-water underfloor heating system, it will allow maximum comfort to be drawn into every corner. In addition, due to the sound insulation of 41 dB, the furniture also creates a pleasant feeling of tranquillity for the benefit of your guests. Elemental for maximum comfort is also a sense of security. AW Secret is slip resistance and according to fire protection class Cfl-s1 it is highly protected against fire.

A treasure for your home's four walls – AW Secret

Of course, what predestines Associated Weavers carpets for equipping hotel suites equally qualifies it for your own home. So you can enjoy the same luxury in your living room, bedroom or home office. The latter is especially the role chair suitability of the carpet, which allows the comfortable use of your office chair on the floor. Thanks to its extraordinary durability, it is also suitable for high-traffic areas of your home, such as your entrance hall or stairs. So you get the luxury of your favourite hotel directly to your home!

Soft from head to toe - AW's carpet is

The incomparably velvety feel of the AW Secret is complemented by its quality carpet backing. This is combined with a fleece layer and woven synthetic yarn and thus supports the softness of the floor covering. The innovative FusionBac textile back also simplifies the laying of the carpet, as it allows the use of all sorts of modern installation techniques. The fixation by means of stretch-fit or special Velcro strip thus replaces the ancient method of full bonding and puts an end to unsightly wave formation thanks to the strongest adhesion. Nonetheless, the carpets can be removed without leaving any residue.

With AW Secret you can now order your carpet at BRICOFLOR!

Unravel the mystery of the seductive soft secret of the AW Secret, and order your personal selection of samples today. For this purpose, we offer you our free sample service, through which your personal selection can be put together quickly and easily. If you have already decided, then simply order here at BRICOFLOR and benefit from our comfortable Best Price Guarantee. In the case of particularly large orders, we may even be able to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your needs. Simply contact us our competent contact persons, who are happy to assist you for any other concerns. Either use our contact form, call us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to you!

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