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AW Suspense - Carpeting with a new dimension of softness

Since the 1960s, Associated Weavers has earned a reputation as one of Europe's leading carpet producers. Once known for its lush Axminster designs, the Belgian manufacturer has always reinvented itself in the wake of changing trends. This includes, among other things, the introduction of the brand "Sensualité", whose collections are unparalleled in terms of their impressive softness. Under this label, the collection AW Suspense is distributed, with which the Belgian appeals to all those who insist only on the best of the best.

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AW Suspense

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Luxurious carpet with a touch of class - Associated Weavers Suspense

Due to its elegant appearance, the AW Suspense immediately catches the eye. This is largely due to the impressive surface structure of the textile flooring, which creates a compact and stylish effect. The Saxony texture is characteristic for the classically tufted carpets, which are very valuable. The typical appearance is created by cutting the loops of the tufting floor at different lengths. Finally, the cut piles are twisted, resulting in a rather thick pile. The slightly different pile heights create a dot effect that gives the flooring a grainy aspect. AW Suspense has an impressive pile height of 18 millimeters at a pile weight of 2500 g / m². The total thickness of the carpets reaches 20.5 millimeters, resulting in a total weight of 3,250 g / m². Based on this relation, the abundant use of materials can be recognized with the aim of creating an incomparably soft surface and high-quality carpet. The exquisite design of Saxony carpets guarantees you a stylish appearance. This promises also the diverse colour spectrum of the textile flooring, which is held mostly in elegant grey and earth tones. The palette is completed by pastel-coloured or intense red and blue shades. Thanks to high-grade colourfastness feature, you will be able to enjoy the same luxury appearance of the carpet even after many years!

Treat for your feet – AW Suspense

The Associated Weavers carpets combines a silky soft surface with a durable texture that ranks high in the light of its durability. It corresponds to the best possible domestic class 23 for home use. The pile material used in the manufacturing of these carpets is 100% Nylon, which is a highly durable material and it gives the carpet tremendous robustness. Thanks to these features AW Suspense is considered extremely dimensionally stable and tear-resistant, therefore, these carpets even suitable to for your entrance area or stairs where there is high foot traffic. By installing AW Suspense, you are adding extraordinary comfort into your entire home, your living room, bedroom or dining room and even for your office it is the perfect choice.

More than just stylish - flame retardant flooring for your safety

AW Suspense is a great combination of functionality and design, it also convinces with its slip resistance properties and with its fire protection class Cfl-s1, it is hardly inflammable and, in the event of a fire, ensures that only a small amount of smoke is generated.

Associated Weavers carpets - Completely exquisite

The backing of the carpet is just as important as the front because a high-quality backing ensures dimensional stability and strong adherence to the floor so that the carpet does form waves after being installed. Of course, this collection shines in this area, AW Suspense has a practical back that combines the two most commonly used materials together: Using a non-woven layer combined with woven polypropylene results in a high-quality textile back, which is characterized by its superior strength. At the same time, the FusionBac adds softness to the floor, thanks to its insulating properties it keeps your home warm and cosy. In addition, it has a footfall-reducing effect of up to 41 dB, so you can do your office work or enjoy reading your favourite book in a peaceful atmosphere. Despite the insulating nature of the textile backing, the floor can be easily combined with your hot water underfloor heating, given its thermal resistance of 0.27 m²C ° / W. Another advantage of the Fusionbac is its lightweight, it is easy to carry and its flexibility prevents it from being damaged during the transportation, furthermore, it facilitates you with a variety of installation techniques that goes beyond the traditional full bonding. The carpets can also be fixed by stretch-fit or by double-sided adhesive tape or special Velcro tape

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