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AW Vista Design carpet – The softest carpet imaginable

The high quality of the AW Vista Design is expressed through its exquisite texture and pile material which is made from 100% nylon. The frieze velour attracts with its asymmetric structure and stands out in terms of its high yarn density with extraordinary softness.

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AW Vista Design

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Luxurious and Durable Carpet for Your Home – Associated Weavers carpets

AW Vista Design has an extremely luxurious yet practical pile, with an impressive heavy domestic rating, suitable for installing anywhere in your home, for that added comfort. Dynamic and vivacious, AW Vista Design shows its happy spirit in a range of pastels. With its long pile, AW Vista Design is sure to make a strong and soft statement. With it’s beautiful thick pile, AW Vista Design will add warmth and comfort to your home. The carpet has a pile height of 7 millimetres with a pile weight of 700 g / m², this results in a total thickness of 9.5 millimetres and a total weight of 1,500 g / m². With a medium pile height and impressive pile density this carpet is exceptionally soft, durable and makes AW Vista Design one of the most comfortable flooring options in the market. For all the people who do not like hard surfaces or have kids or pets in their house that may get hurt, this flooring option is the best solution for them. Also, a lot of people complain about leg pain after standing on a hard surface for too long. Thick carpets like AW Vista Design have extra padding underneath the flooring that makes it extra soft and more comfortable especially for those who have to stand all day. It is the most comfortable thing to come back to in your home after a long hard day. Choosing the colour is one of the first things to consider when it comes to selecting your carpet as it can set the tone for the room. It can make a room warmer or cooler, cosier or more spacious and allows you to make the most of the natural light. AW Vista Design makes this decision easy for you as this collection comes with a splendid colour spectrum, AW Vista Design is available in warm rust and sand tones, in addition, each is fresh green and blue shade. The six-part colour palette is completed by noble anthracite and black accent.

High quality features – AW carpets

The act of reducing the disturbing impact noise carried through the floor is one of the main features of AW Vista Design. Do you throw regular parties at your home or apartment? Your neighbours will thank you if the living space is carpeted with this carpet. AW Vista Design is an exceptional sound absorber and can reduce the sound of walking by 24 decibels. AW Vista Design has high commercial class of 31 that makes it an ideal flooring choice for any office space. Carpets are made of different types of fibres and each fibre has the qualities that make it different from the other. When choosing a carpet for your floor, one of the main factors to consider is the quality of the fibre that carpet is made of. AW Vista Design is made from 100% nylon; this material is one of the most widely used fibres in carpet flooring due to its several advantages over other fibres. Nylon is the most durable fibre used in manufacturing of carpets, it is also flexible in the fact that it comes in many colours making it one of the most utilized material in designing carpets, this material is more versatile as compared to other types of fibres since nylon fibre carpets can be used in your rooms, pavements and other spaces without losing shape for long periods of time. This makes it one of the most preferred choices for carpet installation by many people.

Convenient cleaning – AW Vista Design

Cleanliness is an important aspect of your house. Because of the heavy foot traffic in your room, it is important to have a carpet that does not pose any difficulty when it comes to cleaning. Nylon fibre provides this option for you since it is easier to clean as compared to other types of fibres. Nylon fibre is resistant to stains hence making cleaning even easier. It maintains its good texture for a longer period while also resisting fading hence keeping its nice appearance for a long time.

Associated Weavers carpets - Safety comes first

Carpet not only offers aesthetic luxury, warmth and comfort. It can also give you peace of mind, especially where small children and elderly people are concerned. Older people who find walking increasingly difficult will feel safer on a carpet, because of the slip resistance properties of AW Vista Design the chances of slipping are very low. A slippery staircase can be made less hazardous with carpet. And if someone does fall, the risk of fractures and other injuries are considerably lower. With a total thickness of 7 millimetres, AW Vista Design is exceptionally soft and it can absorb the impact of a fall much better than thin carpets.

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