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100% Premium Wool Carpets From Gaskell Wool Rich 

Gaskell Wool Rich is one of the most renowned carpet manufacturers in Great Britain producing fine wool carpets in a variety of styles. They offer 17 different carpet ranges with a variety of surface styles, pile depth, material, and fibre constructions. While many of Gaskell Wool Rich’s carpet ranges feature 100% wool carpets, there are some which feature a blend of wool and synthetic materials to achieve an even softer and more durable carpet. These carpets are some of the highest quality wool carpets and are produced right here in the UK. Get the best in quality with the knowledge that this carpet is manufactured with your needs in mind. All of their carpets are backed by the Wool Owner’s Warranty Programme which ensures your carpet will look fantastic for years to come. This programme is designed to make sure your stain resistant wool carpet will continue to be stain free.  With a variety of styles, textures, colours, and even materials you are sure to find the perfect carpet for your home in the Gaskell Wool Rich Carpet Collection. 

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Gaskell Wool Rich

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Why purchase a wool carpet? Gaskell Wool Rich Collection are some of the best wool carpets in the industry

Wool is a naturally renewable resource, making it a sustainable option when producing carpets. Wool is not only sustainable, it helps the environment in other ways. Wool is a fantastic insulator, reducing noise and lowering your heating bill. All Gaskell Wool Rich carpets are backed by the Wool Owner’s Warranty. This warranty ensures that your wool carpet will look its best, even offering professional cleaning when needed. Wool carpets are also helpful for those suffering from allergies, it pulls dust from the air and is easily cleaned with vacuuming. Wool is highly flame retardant making your home safer. Wool is such a resilient material that it is ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, entrances, and living rooms. 

The Gaskell Wool Rich Carpets are produced right here in the UK

The Gaskell Wool Rich Collections are produced right here in Great Britain. They produce all of their carpets in the UK with the needs of their customers in mind, so you can be sure that your carpet will suit your every wish. These wool carpets are so durable, they are suitable for almost any room in your home including stairs and high traffic rooms like kitchens and living rooms. The carpet is made from high-quality wool fibres and exceptional wool and synthetic blends. These high-quality carpets are produced using the best materials available, especially the wool fibres used in producing their carpets’ luxurious surfaces. A Gaskell Wool Rich carpet is sure to be a worthy investment for your home. All carpets are backed with the WOW Warranty Programme, which ensures that your carpet will resist staining and receives professional care if needed. When looking for a high-quality carpet, look no further than this manufacturer!

Experience for yourself the exceptional quality of the Gaskell Wool Rich Carpets

The company's strong reputation has won it a place among the top wool carpet manufacturers in the world. The high quality of Best Wool Carpets' durable natural wool carpets is available throughout the world. Many Gaskell Wool Rich Collections feature 100% wool fibres, but they also produce many with unique durable wool and synthetic blends. These high-quality carpets are available in countless designs and colours, ensuring that your carpet will never look out of place or out-dated in your home. 

Buy your Gaskell Wool Rich Carpet online with BRICOFLOR UK

With BRICOFLOR UK, you get all the benefits of a carpeting shop, without the hassle of leaving your home. If you would like to look more closely at any product, order a free sample from our website. We will deliver your sample straight to your home, so you can see for yourself the high-quality products available from our store. If you have any questions about our products, don´t hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail. We´re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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