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Joka Mare: Joka’s Vision & Balance Luxury Carpet

The Mare carpet collection from Joka’s Vision & Balance 16 collection is as soothing and refreshing as the sea, which is reflected in its name. The 18 natural colours of this carpet collection reflect the calming colours of nature. The Joka Mare is a luxury carpet produced from 100% polyamide carpet fibres, which are renown for their soft feel and industry leading durability. The soft tufted surface structure of the Joka Mare is ideal for use in your home as it is rated for regular domestic use. With a luxury rating of 5 you can be sure you are getting the best available carpeting. The Joka Mare is designed for comfort and includes features such as underfloor heating compatibility and sound dampening.  The Joka Mare is also designed to be safe and practical and includes features like anti-static, non-slip surfacing, and fire resistance. Because of the surface density of the fibres, the Joka Mare is extremely durable and can be installed on stairs and is suitable for use with castor chairs. If you are looking for a high-end carpet for your next project, then look no further than the Joka Mare.

See some of the many Joka Mare colour options that BRICOFLOR offers:

Carpet Joka Mare "102"


Carpet Joka Mare "13"

Carpet Joka Mare "155"


Carpet Joka Mare "218"

Carpet Joka Mare "323"


Carpet Joka Mare "517"

For more colour options from this collection click here.

The Joka Mare Carpet is a stylish and safe carpet option for your home

The Joka Mare is an extremely stylish carpet from Joka’s Vision & Balance 16 Collection. The 18 natural colours of this carpet collection reflect the calming colours of nature that can complement almost any interior design. The tufted pile of the Joka Mare creates a smooth and soft surface structure that is ideal for any domestic setting. In addition to the style aspects of the Joka Mare, this carpet is also incredibly safe. The Joka Mare features flame retardant technology, ensuring your home is protected. Additionally, the surface of this carpet is designed to be anti-static and slip resistant. This helps keep the people in your home safe and comfortable.

Joka Mare carpet is luxurious and practical

The Joka Mare is an extremely luxurious carpet. This carpet features a dense surface structure with a tuft density of 550,000/m2. In addition to making the carpet feel more comfortable and soft, the high density of fibres makes the Joka Mare less susceptible to wear. The anti-static design of the Joka Mare not only prevents shocking static build-up but also prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on your carpet. The soft and luxurious feel of Joka Mare offers more benefits than just looking and feeling great. The Joka Mare is highly versatile and practical.

The Joka Mare is just one of the many luxurious carpets from Joka’s Vision & Balance Collection

The Vision & Balance 16 Collection from Joka features a wide variety of luxurious carpets ranging from smooth, tufted pile carpets to vibrant and soft shag carpets. The Joka Mare is a Luxury Class 5 carpet, just one of many luxury carpets from the Vision & Balance collection, and features 100% polyamide fibres. Joka demonstrates their flair for luxury not only with the Joka Mare but all of their carpets in the Vision & Balance collection.

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