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The Kingsmead Luxurious Saxony Collection offers a wide variety of luxurious carpets

The Luxurious Saxony Collections features 9 unique carpet ranges. Each one features a long, Saxony pile, which has a luxurious feel and look. Additionally, the Saxony pile feels very soft and comfortable underfoot. Many of these luxury carpets are produced using Kingsmead’s patented Everlon polypropylene fibres, which make these carpets easy to clean and exceptionally durable. This carpet line is produced using Kingsmead’s patented Everlon fibres, which are produced in such a way that they are incredibly durable and colourfast. The dying process prevents the colour from fading and permanent staining, even to the point of bleach not affecting the colour.  You can be sure that this high-end carpet is a great investment for your home. If you are interested in the Kingsmead Luxurious Saxony Collection, please order one of our free samples. Your sample will be delivered directly to your door so you can see for yourself the exceptional, luxurious quality of the Kingsmead Luxurious Saxony Collection. Get all the benefits of a shop right here in the comfort of your own home.

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Luxurious Saxony

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Extremely durable, these Kingsmead Everlon Clean Easy  carpets are designed to last a long time

The Everlon Clean Easy collections features the incredibly durable Everlon fibre, which is exceptionally durable and stain resistant. Additionally, these carpets are all moth proof, bleach cleanable, and non-allergenic. This is the perfect carpet for any home, as it is designed to last a very long time. Some of the carpets are backed by up to a 15-year warranty, depending on the carpet. Without a doubt, these fun, colourfast carpets are a worthwhile investment for your home.

Buy your Kingsmead Luxurious Saxony Carpet online with BRICOFLOR UK

With BRICOFLOR UK, you get all the benefits of a carpeting shop, without the hassle of leaving your home. You can shop on your time. If you would like to look more closely at any product, order a free sample from our website. We will deliver your sample straight to your home, so you can see for yourself the high quality products available from our store.

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