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Kingsmead Berber Trio carpets are 100% Wool and Hard Wearing

The Kingsmead Berber Trio carpet is crafted from 100% wool. Making the Kingsmead Berber Trio a premium carpet in Kingsmead’s Wool Loop collection. Wool has a multitude of positive attributes, including acoustic and thermal insulation, allergy relief, and incredible resilience. Wool is a great insulator against excessive noise, dampening ambient sounds, making your home more peaceful. Additionally, wool is a fantastic thermal insulator. By installing wool flooring, your home will be warmer and your heating bill lower. Wool pulls allergens out of the air, making wool carpeting a great option for allergy sufferers. Once the allergens are in the carpet fibres, they can be easily removed by regular vacuuming. The resilience of wool fibres combined with this carpet’s jute backing make it suitable for heavy domestic use. The Kingsmead Berber Trio is available for orders in both 4 and 5 meter widths, ensuring you get a precise fit avoiding seams and unnecessary cutting. This saves you time and money in the long run. If you are looking for a high quality, 100% wool carpet, then the Kingsmead Berber Trio is the ideal carpet for you. If you are interested in the Kingsmead Berber Trio, order one of our free sample. Get all of the benefits of a shop in the comfort of your home! We will deliver your sample straight to your home so you can decide for yourself that the Kingsmead Berber Trio is the carpet to suit your needs.

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Berber Trio

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Why wool? The many benefits of a wool carpet from Kingsmead’s Berber Trio collection

Wool is renowned for its exceptional durability and resilience. As such, wool is one of the best quality fibres used in carpet manufacturing. Carpets made from wool are exceptionally resilient and maintain their structural integrity very well. They also offer many benefits such as easy care, natural resistance to staining, being flame retardant, and its air filtration. Wool does all of this naturally, without additional chemicals. Additionally, wool is naturally renewable resource, making wool carpeting especially eco-friendly.

This hard wearing carpet looks great and feels great too

The Kingsmead Berber Trio collection is a hardwearing carpet, but it is also a fashionable carpet. No matter what your style is, the Kingsmead Berber Trio is sure to complement the interior of your home, with its timeless style and exceptional quality. This quality carpet is available in 15 different colour options, in three different textures. You will not have to compromise with the Kingsmead Berber Trio, as it is a great example of quality, style, and longevity.

Buy your Kingsmead Berber Trio online with BRICOFLOR UK

With BRICOFLOR UK, you get all the benefits of a carpeting shop, without the hassle of leaving your home. You can shop on your time. If you would like to look more closely at any product, order a free sample from our website. We will deliver your sample straight to your home, so you can see for yourself the high quality products available from our store. When you order online, you get the lowest prices and the same great quality carpet.


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