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Kingsmead New Berber Elite: 100% Wool Carpets with modern designs

The Kingsmead New Berber Elite carpet is crafted from 100% wool, making this a quality loop offering from Kingsmead’s popular Wool Loop collection. The two subtle designs and soft natural colours of this textured carpet range will match virtually any interior design. New Berber Elite is designed for long-lasting strength and durability, and its heavy domestic wear grading makes it suitable for most rooms in your home.

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New Berber Elite

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Improve the environment in your home with a wool carpet from Kingsmead Carpets

The Kingsmead New Berber Elite carpet is crafted from 100% wool, making it a premium yet affordable carpet in Kingsmead’s Wool Loop collection. Wool has numerous advantages as a home carpet, eliminating impact noise for improved acoustics, providing allergy relief thanks to its air filtration, and offering unrivalled resilience. Wool is a fantastically resilient fibre thanks to its high crimp that gives it natural elasticity and an ability to bounce back when compressed. This wool carpet will also increase personal comfort and can be used with under-floor heating thanks to its low tog rating of 1.40. For allergy sufferers, wool is ideal as the scales of the fibres will hold fine dust particles before they are removed through vacuuming. These carpets will prevent pile compression, tracking marks and shading. The resilience of wool fibres combined with this carpet’s action backing make it able to withstand any amount of traffic it is subject to. And you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your carpet being ruined by stains or spills, as the exterior of a wool fibre is covered by a thin protective membrane which enables wool to shed water from its surface. For added peace of mind, the high moisture content of wool fibres give wool carpets excellent natural flame resistance.

This hard wearing carpet looks great and feels great too

The Kingsmead New Berber Elite collection offers all the top qualities of a wool carpet with stylish designs to suit your home interior. This quality carpet is available in 12 different colour options and two distinct patterns, Victoria and Mayfair. The subtle striped and wavy designs are created with a soft white line of yarn that runs through base tones of ash, brown, cream, marble and stone. The Kingsmead New Berber Elite is the epitome of quality and style. A moth proof carpet, this collection will retain its appearance and performance over many years of use. The Kingsmead New Berber Elite is available for orders in both 4 and 5 metre widths for your convenience. You can avoid any unnecessary cutting, saving you time and money in the long run. If you are looking for a high quality, 100% wool carpet, then the Kingsmead New Berber Elite could be the perfect carpet for you. If you are interested in the Kingsmead Berber Trio, order one of our free samples. We will deliver your sample straight to your home so you can decide for yourself that the New Berber Elite is the carpet to suit your needs.

New Berber Elite offers sustainability and confident use

Because the wool used in the carpet is an entirely renewable resource, this environmentally-friendly carpet is 100% natural and fully sustainable. Wool is additionally a biodegradable fibre, and combined with this carpet’s eco-friendly action backing, it will not end up on landfill. Kingsmead Carpets are a licensee of the British Wool Marketing Board, guaranteeing the wool used in its carpet ranges is quality assured and fit for purpose. Additionally, thanks to the Wool Owner’s Warranty (WOW) that comes with the Kingsmead New Berber Elite, you can enjoy a warranty that automatically renews provided your carpet is cleaned by a WOW registered carpet cleaner once a year. Your wool carpet will look spotless and maintain its performance year after year.

Buy your New Berber Elite from Kingsmead Carpets online at BRICOFLOR UK

At BRICOFLOR UK, we work with some of the highest quality manufacturers throughout Europe. As such, we are able to give you the lowest prices in the UK. Ordering a carpet online gives you all the benefits of a carpet shop without having to leave your home. Spend time browsing our wide range of products, and if you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch via our dedicated advice service. It can be hard to tell whether a product is suitable based on a website image, which is why we recommend our free sample service, allowing you to order up to four samples to be delivered straight to your door. If you require a large amount of carpet or any other kind of flooring, we will provide you with a personal quote. Give us a call, send us an e-mail or use our online contact form. We will be happy to help.