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Artwork Special Edition by Kingsmead is a stylish and high quality carpet from Kingsmead’s Wool Twist Collection

The Kingsmead Artwork Special Edition, from their illustrious Wool Twist Collection, is an exquisite carpet collection. This fine carpet is available in a luxurious 45 oz weight. The Artwork Special Edition 45 oz features a luxurious pile height of 7.5mm. The carpets luxuriousness is not only a product of its tufted twist pile, but also from the combination of 80% New Zealand Wool, 10% Kingloc polyester, and 10% nylon. This combination results in a high quality, durable and soft carpet. In addition to the extreme durability of the surface structure of this carpet, the backing is the Kingweave Polypropylene backing which gives this carpet even more durability. This carpet is exceptionally durable and suitable for heavy domestic use. The hardwearing Artwork Special Edition is looks great and is available in 10 premium striped options, all striped options feature colours from the Artwork Plain Collection. This charming carpet collection is available in 4 width with the pattern repeating every 25cm, ensuring you get a precise fit from your new carpet. A precise fit minimizes waste, saving you time and money when fitting. The Kingsmead Artwork Collection is backed by their WOW- Wool Owner’s Warranty Programme. This programme helps maintain your new carpet so it looks great for many years to come. If you are in the market for a durable, hard wearing carpet, with a stylish twist, then the Kingsmead Artwork Special Edition is for you. Without a doubt, the Artwork Collection will be a fun, creative way to decorate your home interior. If you are interested in the Kingsmead Artwork Special Edition Collection, please order a free sample and see for yourself the great quality of Kingmead’s popular carpet collection.

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Artwork Special Edition 45oz

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Why invest in a wool rich carpet? The many benefits of the Kingsmead Artwork Collection

Wool is one of the best quality fibres used in carpet manufacturing. As such, wool is renowned for its exceptional durability and resilience. Wool carpets are exceptionally resilient and maintain their structural integrity very well. Wool carpets also offer many benefits such as easy care, natural resistance to staining, being flame retardant, and its air filtration. Wool does all of this naturally, without additional chemicals. Additionally, wool is naturally renewable resource, making wool carpeting especially eco-friendly. This fine carpet backing is Kingmead’s unique Kingweave Polypropylene backing, making this carpet especially durable.

The Kingsmead Artwork is a hard wearing carpet that  looks great and feels great too

The Kingsmead Artwork collection is a hardwearing carpet, but it is also a fashionable carpet. This quality wool carpet is available in 10 premium striped patterns. No matter what your style is, the Kingsmead Artwork Collection is sure to complement the interior of your home, with its timeless style and exceptional quality. You will not have to compromise with the Kingsmead Artwork, as it is a great example of quality, style, and longevity. These bold colours will add a certain flair to your home, ensuring that you made the right choice with the Kingsmead Artwork collection.

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