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Kingsmead Glen Shee is a luxury carpet that is produced right here in the UK

Kingsmead’s Glen Shee Carpet from the Highland Fleece line is a new best-selling product. This unique product is crafted a unique combination of 80% Highland Fleece Wool with 10% nylon fibres and 10% Kingloc PE fibres. The Free Range Scottish Sheep that this wool comes from, live a free life in the Scottish Highlands. Over time, the sheep have evolved to have a coarse outer coat and finer inner layer, this results in a high quality wool fibre ideal for premium carpets such as the Kingsmead Glen Shee collection. This heavy weight 50oz  carpet is suitable for heavy domestic use, making it an ideal carpet solution for almost any room in your home. The Kingsmead Glen Shee is available in 4 and 5 meter widths, ensuring you get a precise fit. This precision minimizes waste saving you time and money when fitting. This soft, twist fibre carpet is available in 20 varied colours ranging from deep aubergine to a soft ash. The Kingsmead Glen Shee is a great investment for your home, due to wool’s exceptional resilience and comfort as well as wool’s sustainability. If you are looking for a high quality, British made carpet for your home, then the Kingsmead Highland Fleece Glen Shee is the ideal carpet for your home. If you are interested in the Mr Tomkinson Cotswold Supreme, order one of our free sample. Get all of the benefits of a shop in the comfort of your home! We will deliver your sample straight to your home so you can decide for yourself that the Mr Tomkinson Cotswold Supreme is the carpet to suit your needs.

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Glen Shee

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Kingsmead’s Glen Shee Carpet Collection is produced right here in the UK, from Scottish wool

The Glen Shee Collection, from Kingsmead’s Highland Fleece Range, is a unique wool carpet. It is made from a blend of 80% Highland Fleece Wool, 10% Kingloc PE fibres, and 10% nylon. The Free Range Scottish Sheep that this fine wool comes from have evolved to have a coarse outer coat with a fine inner layer. This wool fibre is ideal for carpeting, as it is tough and durable but feels soft and luxurious. As the Kingsmead Glen Shee Collection is produced using premium materials, right here in the UK, you are sure to receive the best quality.

Kingsmead’s Glen Shee is suitable for heavy domestic use

The Glen Shee Carpets’ unique blend of fibres makes it exceptionally durable. The wool used in this carpet is already one of the finest, most durable materials available, but when combined with Kingsmead’s Kingloc PE fibres and nylon, this carpet is enduring. If you are looking for a natural, resilient carpet, then the Kingsmead Glen Shee is the carpet for you.

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