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Kingsmead Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz: Luxurious Carpets In Warm Neutral Tones

Kingsmead Carpets have been crafting their quality carpet flooring for more than 40 years. The Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz is a fine example of their high quality collections. Featuring Kingsmead’s unique 80% wool and 20% polypropylene blend fibres, these luxurious cut pile twist carpets are not only exceptionally durable but also wonderfully soft. Wool itself is the highest quality material in the carpet industry, with all synthetic fibres aiming to achieve a wool-like quality. When combined with polypropylene, the already exceptional qualities of this wool carpet really come into their own.

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Royal Hathaway Twist 50 oz

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Kingsmead Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz: an ideal living room carpet with outstanding properties

This twist carpet is available in two widths of 4 metres and 5 metres, giving you flexibility to fit your space. This is the medium weight for this luxury carpet at 50oz; the range also comes in a lighter weight of 40oz and a heavier 60oz. The durability of the wool fibres is enhanced when combined with the eco-friendly action backing, which makes the Kingsmead Royal Hathaway suitable for heavy domestic use. Perfect for all areas of your home, this hard wearing carpet will perform well in living rooms, bedrooms and even hallways. The backing adds excellent dimensional stability, making it simple to handle during installation and ensuring your carpet lasts longer. If you are looking for a high-quality carpet, consider the Kingsmead Royal Hathaway for style and endurance. If you are interested in this carpet and would like to see it up close, please feel free to order a sample. Your carpet samples will be delivered right to your home, so you can experience the exceptional quality of Kingsmead Carpets.

Wool mix carpets offer numerous natural benefits, making them perfect for your home

Wool mix carpets offer a variety of outstanding properties and the Kingsmead Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz is no exception. Wool is effective at keeping your home warm while minimising your heating bill. Because of their naturally high moisture content, this carpet is flame resistant, giving you confidence and peace of mind. The hard external fibres of wool combined with resilient polypropylene make for a virtually stain-resistant carpet. Additionally, the acoustic absorption will keep excess noise down. Your wool blend carpet is sure to look great for many years as wool naturally maintains its structural integrity and colour without the use of chemical treatments. An 80/20 wool carpet is a popular blend for many reasons, offering the benefits and luxury of wool and the practical advantages of synthetic fibres. You can be sure that investing in this fine carpet is a wise choice as it will continue to look as great as the day it was fitted over the long term.

Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz carpet from Kingsmead will add a touch of subtle charm to your home

The Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz is a great option for almost any room in your home and is sure to add a touch of timeless elegance. The Kingsmead Royal Hathaway comes in 14 warm and neutral colour options that will complement any room and home décor. You can add some regal splendour to your home with everything from the golden tones of Ascott and Claremont to the pale pink of Holyrood House. The Kingsmead Royal Hathaway is a finely crafted carpet, and this is clear from its sophisticated elegance, making this carpet a worthwhile investment for your home. This heavy domestic carpet will continue to maintain its soft colours, making this a great, long-lasting choice for your home.

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