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Marquee Carpets – Durable and Comfortable Flooring for Your Big Event

Marquee parties aren´t popular for no reason! Dining in the fresh air and dancing under the stars doesn´t have to be a dream. With Sommer Ltd.´s marquee carpets, your dream can become a reality! Comfortable, stylish and durable, marquee carpets aren´t just a floor for your event. They can revamp your party and set just the right atmosphere. Sommer Ltd. has over 100 years of experience in the event flooring industry, and they are prepared to handle all challenges and hurdles in today´s event flooring industry. The exclusive range of high-quality marquee carpets are distributed to events all over the world, and they are specifically designed with current industry trends and events in mind. The carpets come in a variety of styles from luxurious velour carpets to hardy exhibition cord carpets. They´re perfect for outdoor events such as weddings, openings, fairs, parties, or art exhibitions.

Modern and Classic Colours for Your Event

With over 80 colours and textures, there is a colour and style to suit every event and occasion. Choose the shade Kiwi to add a bit of depth to your party, Royal Blue for an imperial event, or Black for a luxury black-tie event. This carpet isn´t only comfortable, it´s also extremely durable as well. Thanks to its thick foam backing, the flooring provides your event with the ultimate durability and comfort – for however long it lasts. Not only for large events, it works great in smaller, home events as well! Children´s birthday parties, anniversaries, small weddings, and any other event you can think of, our marquee carpets fit with all!

ExpoShow – For all Luxury Events

ExpoShow is elegant, and perfect for all luxury events. Add a touch of sass and class to your big event with a carpet that´s not only comfortable and resistant to high heels, but also durable. It works great in for luxurious marquee parties, or walking down the aisle at your wedding. Everyone knows that the right colour always sets the right mood, and with our wide range of 32 colours, we´re sure you´ll find the right shade for your event.

ExpoCord – Stylish and Budget-Friendly

ExpoCord is the ultimate in budget marquee carpets. Durable, soft and made for heavy foot-traffic areas, it has been the carpet of choice because of its dependability. It has been considered a classic in tent flooring, and is available in 10 modern colours that are suitable for all occasions. Choose Bright Red for your gala, Royal Blue for an imperial event, or Black for an ultra-luxe black-tie event.  

ExpoLine – The Ultimate in Event Flooring

ExpoLine is THE carpet for all major events and shows. It has a durable, yet classy feel, and it´s used in Hollywood-style celebrity events all across Europe and the UK. Bring Hollywood to your marquee event with ExpoLine, and we´re sure it will be a party no one will soon forget!

Safe, Fire-Resistant and Easy to Install

Sommer Ltd.´s marquee flooring is the perfect extra safety feature to add to your big event, with its fireproof classes of Bfl-s1 and Cfl-s1. Adding this carpet to entrance and exit areas provides a great safety measure for your event. Put your mind at ease by installing a floor that you can really depend on! If your marquee is going to be held outside, before installing the carpet it is highly recommended that a temporary floor is installed, such as a plywood floor. Then, you can simply lay down the carpet on the floor and attach it with double-sided tape. Removal is easy, as all that´s required is to lift the carpet and discard the tape. The marquee carpets are also 100% recyclable, so you don´t have to feel guilty when discarding it after your big event.

Get Your Marquee Carpet from BRICOFLOR UK – We´ve Got the Best Prices Online

BRICOFLOR has been working with famous flooring manufacturers for decades, and has been the leading expert in the flooring industry. We always have the best price online for our products – guaranteed. Our large selection of marquee carpets from Sommer Ltd. Is always available through our online store. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions about our products. We´ve got a team of highly qualified experts that´s on call to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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