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The Tempest by Mr Tomkinson: 100% Wool and Exquisite Design Options

The Tempest is a high quality wool carpet from the well known carpet manufacturer, Mr Tomkinson. This 100% wool carpet is available in 16 possible design options. There are 8 colour options and 2 carpet textures to choose from. The Prospero texture features loops ranging in size to produce a smooth wavelike effect. The Ariel texture features different loop lengths, which create a uniform ridged pattern. The 8 classic colours available range from a soft almond to a rich steel. The elegance of these colours are sure to complement the interior of your home, no matter what your style is. The Mr Tomkinson Tempest is available in both 4 meter and 5 meter widths, ensuring you get a seamless appearance wherever possible. The Tempest is treated to be moth resistant, making this wool carpet a worry free product. The Tempest by Mr Tomkinson is sure to maintain its fantastic appearance over time due to the resilient nature of wool, which makes it suitable for use in almost any room in your home.

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Mr Tomkinson Tempest

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Why invest in a wool carpet? The benefits of the Mr Tomkinson Tempest wool carpet:

Why invest in a wool carpet? Wool carpets, such as the Mr Tomkinson Tempest, offer many benefits that other synthetic fibre carpets cannot. Wool fibres offer some extraordinary benefits without the use of chemicals. The natural structure of wool fibres makes wool exceptionally durable and resilient. Wool fibres are inherently stain resistant and fire resistant. Additionally, wool is a fantastic insulator. Wool insulates your floors and rooms against excess noise, meaning no more echoes or heavy footsteps. Wool is also a fantastic thermal insulator. This means that your home will remain warm, but your heating cost will be lowered. In addition to all of these qualities, wool carpet is a soft and comfortable fabric. The Mr Tomkinson Tempest Collection is a great choice for anyone looking to make a quality investment in their home, without compromising on safety, style, or quality.

Exceptional design and superior quality are the norm with the Mr Tomkinson Tempest

Mr Tomkinson is known for their exceptional quality and the Tempest is no exception. This carpet is produced using the highest quality materials and latest technology. The unique design of the Prospero and Ariel textures give the Tempest a unique appearance and feel. The smooth designs incorporate the soft texture of the 100% wool fibres making a smooth and soft surface structure. Mr Tomkinson offers the best in design and quality with the Tempest carpet collection.

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BRICOFLOR has over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry. We only offer products from the highest quality manufacturers in Europe. The Mr Tomkinson Tempest is one such product. If you would like to know more about this fine carpet, please make use of our free sample service. Your sample will be delivered directly to you and you can see for yourself the great quality of the Mr Tomkinson Tempest carpet.

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