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Victoria Carpets Altas Berber

If you are searching for a wool blend home carpet the Victoria Carpets Atlas Berber collection is perfect. With 80% wool and 20% Polypropylene the luxurious deep pile. The term ‘Berber’ refers to the intentional flecks in the overall colour of the carpet, which gives a more multi-tonal feeling, which is also great for hiding marks. The carpet uses moth resistant technology to combat any unwanted damage from insects. Not only this, you can enjoy decolouration resistance which is backed up by a lifetime warranty against fading. UV colour Loc and Loc weave technology are added bonuses to this carpets long list of technical features, protecting from delamination and fading from sunlight exposure.

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Victoria Carpets Atlas Berber

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Victoria Carpets : Luxury Home Carpets

Renown carpet company Victoria Carpets have been carpet connoisseurs for over 120 years. Their craftsmanship is recognised by the Queen, as seen by the Royal Warrants they hold to their name. Having provided the carpets for the royal wedding held between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, you can certainly be sure that this is a luxury carpet of the highest quality. Elegant and stylish, there are three types of carpets supplied by their prestigious brand; Twist Carpet, Loop Carpet and Velvet Carpet. Each with their own collections, these have extremely pleasing aesthetics and excellent technical properties.

Installation and Care Guide

Installing Your Carpet

The Carpet must be properly installed by a qualified fitter and in full accordance with British Standard BS5325.

Shampooing and Cleaning

Carpets should undergo a deep clean occasionally so at to keep them in good condition. Use a shampoo or powder specifically for carpets and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If unsure, use the services of a professional carpet cleaner.

Fluffing and Shredding

As with all new wool carpets short lengths of fibre may be shed with general use. Fibre shedding is a normal characteristic of wool carpets and as long as sufficient maintenance is carried out, for example regular vacuum cleaning, this will diminish over time.

Regular Vacuuming

To reduce dust and dirt build up, vacuum clean your carpet on a regular basis. This will also prolong the life of your carpet. Heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed daily. For cut pile carpets, Victoria Carpets recommend the use of an upright cleaner with an active beater bar as it will help loosen and lift soiling from the pile. For loop pile carpets, it is recommended to use a suction vacuum cleaner with no beater bar. The use of vacuum cleaners with a beater bar on a loop pile carpet may cause the carpet to pill.


If you should get a snag or pull do not attempt to pull out the tuft. Instead, gently snip them off with a pair of scissors. This will not affect the overall structure of the carpet pile in any way.

Environmentally Friendly Policies

Remaining environmentally conscious, the backing has low VOC emissions, uses minimal energy in the manufacturing and finishing process and is effluent free. Not only this, Victoria Carpets have made it their policy to reduce emissions from transportation and wastage from production.

BRICOFLOR, there for you

At BRICOFLOR we take choosing our suppliers seriously, that is why we chose Victoria Carpets. With such excellent technical properties and beautiful designs you can be assured of the high quality of their carpets. You can request a free sample from our website if you would like to see the colours and textures in the comfort of your own home. Should you require advice, recommendations or installation guidance you can contact BRICOFLOR where you can get tailored advice from the best products to suit certain environments to a personalised quote for large orders. Just contact us to today and we will be happy to assist you.