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Victoria Carpets Burford Twist

It is no coincidence that Victoria Carpets has a regal name. The company was granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in 2013 and has crafted its quality carpets for the royal households. With more than 100 years of expertise, you can be assured of a top-quality carpet. 

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Victoria Carpets Burford Twist

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A Wool Carpet Fit for Kings and Queens

The elegant Burford Twist collection comes in eleven colours, and the heather design produces a mottled, multi-coloured effect. The 80/20 wool mix is an ideal carpet yarn due to the softness of the wool combined with the strength of the polypropylene and the meltbond polyester. It brings a natural and cosy touch to any space and you can be satisfied in knowing that you have selected a product made from a renewable resource.

Burford Twist: An Ideal Choice for a Bedroom Carpet with Natural Benefits

Wool carpets boast some unique natural characteristics, offering fantastic resilience to wear and general soiling, recovering quickly from furniture compression as well as being naturally flame retardant. This 1/8 gauge carpet is made from premium spun wool and comes in a choice of 4m or 5m widths. The 50oz carpet is ideal for anywhere receiving a lot of traffic within the home, such as stairs and hallways and bedrooms, as well as heavy traffic in commercial spaces. The springy carpet will retain its shape even after heavy furniture has been placed on top. The tufted construction style is a popular choice owing to its reputation for being sturdy and hardwearing. Victoria Carpets make their carpets moth-proof and fade-resistant, and confidently offer a 10 year stain and wear warranty.

Carpet Installation and Care: Getting the most out of your Carpet

The carpet must be properly installed in full accordance with British Standard BS5325, which provides recommendations for the installation of all textile floor coverings. Victoria Carpets make their products using an extremely strong bond, which maintains a stable and reliable product over the long term.

Care and Maintenance for Your Carpet

While individual marks and stains can be treated on the spot, carpets should be kept in immaculate condition with an occasional deep clean. A readily available carpet shampoo or powder should be used for this purpose. Should you be unsure, you can also consult a professional cleaner. It is perfectly normal for a carpet to fluff or shed some of its fibres upon first being installed. This does not affect the carpet’s longevity or appearance. Provided the carpet is kept clean with regular vacuuming, this shedding should diminish over time. Carpets should undergo regular vacuuming to free any dust and dirt, and this will keep it looking and performing at its best. An upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar is best used on cut-pile carpets. Looped styles of carpets and those made from natural fibres such as wool should never be vacuumed with a beater bar. Snags or tufts discovered in the carpet can be easily removed by snipping off with a pair of scissors. This will not impact the structure of the pile and is no cause for alarm.

Saving the environment with an eco-friendly carpet 

In keeping with the company’s environmental policy, the carpet backing has low VOC emissions, requires minimal energy in the manufacturing and finishing process and is effluent free. In addition, Victoria Carpets are committed to reducing emissions from transportation and landfill from production, among other things.

BRICOFLOR, at your service

Here at BRICOFLOR, we not only source the highest-quality suppliers, we are also committed to delivering first-class service to all our customers. If you are unsure about ordering a carpet on our website, we will gladly send you free samples of your favourite product. BRICOFLOR also offer a telephone advice service where you can get installation tips, the best products to suit your particular space, and a personalised quote for large orders. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide assistance.