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Victoria Carpets Celestial

If you are looking for an ethereal carpet made in the UK then the Victoria Carpets Celestial range is an excellent choice. The collection comes in 9 colour options, named after celestial bodies due to the reflective properties of the yarn. Variants come in Saxony or Twist style carpets that are easy to clean.

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Victoria Carpets Celestial 55oz/ 70oz

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Victoria Carpets : A Rich Heritage Of Expertise 

Victoria Carpets have 120 years of craftsmanship to their name in which time they have honed their skills and knowledge accumulating to the creation of their exquisite carpets today. A proud British brand that make all their products in the UK, they have also received Royal Warrants from Her Majesty the Queen. They have a history of carpeting the royal households and supplied the carpet for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Their specialisations can be categorised by Twist, Loop and Velvet, all of which are luxury carpets in their own right.

The Star Of The Show

Victoria Carpets Celestial is 100% TRI-TEX, this means it has a beautiful luminous sheen to it’s appearance, hence the collection being named after stars. A selection of silvery space greys, glowing warm beiges and fiery coppers, you will find inspiration in every one of the nine options. The shine on this product makes the carpet feel extra special and gives additional visual impact as well as a feeling of cleanliness.

Technical Features

This collection is made with TRI-TEX, a rich polyester yarn that is easily recyclable and very durable. The carpet is so resilient, in fact, that it comes with a usage class of 31 which represents an extra heavy domestic level. This means it is excellent for use in heavily frequented areas such as hallways and staircases. All of Victoria Carpets products come with a Lifetime Warranty Against Shading.

There are two options in the Victoria Carpets Celestial range; Celestial 55 and Celestial 70. These carpets come with differing qualities and prices so it is important to know which one is right for you.

The Victoria Carpets Celestial 55 is a Twist style 55oz carpet with a shorter and more uniform pile height than the Celestial 77. This gives a very modern aesthetic to the room. The TOG rating is 1.8 which is a medium to high value, therefore your carpet can insulate heat well. This option is available in both 4m and 5m widths.

Victoria Carpets Celestial 70 is a 70oz Saxony style carpet which means it has a higher pile height adding a luxurious quality to the room both in looks and touch. Its 1.9 TOG rating corresponds to it’s insulation properties, which in this case are medium to high on the TOG rating scale. This is great news for your feet as your carpet will keep you pleasantly warm as it great at retaining heat. It is available in both 4m and 5m widths.

Easy To Maintain Carpet

With the Victoria Carpets Celestial range you can easily care for your carpet. It is recommended to vacuum clean a carpet regularly in order to cleanse the dust that it filters from the air. In heavier used areas where more dirt accumulates it is necessary to clean a carpet on a daily basis. On occasion you should also clean your carpet with a shampoo made specifically for carpets. This will help to retain the colour and condition of your carpet. Every now and then you can get a qualified professional carpet cleaner for a deep cleaning that will leave your carpet sparkling.

Installation of Victoria Carpets

As Victoria Carpets supply premium quality carpets, it is compulsory that you use a professional carpet installation professional when laying your new carpet. It must be installed in full accordance to the British Standard BS5325. Under no circumstances should you attempt to install this carpet yourself.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet

Victoria Carpets strictly conform to the rules and regulations of the Environmental Policy ISO14001 in which emissions from both transport and production are controlled and reduced, as well as special attention to reducing energy wastage and general wastage from production. The Victoria Carpets Celestial collection being made from TRI-TEX is also easily recycleable. A minimum of 25% of each carpet by Victoria Carpets is made from recycled materials, creating a sustainable environment.

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