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Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave: 100% premium spun wool

Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave lives up to the extremely high standard of carpet craftsmanship that the British carpet company are famous for. The collection consists of eight comforting shades of natural colours that will make your home feel friendly and inviting. The feeling of curling up with a hot chocolate next to the fire or the sense of looking outside on a cool summers eve are all encapsulated in this relaxing high quality collection.

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Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave

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Victoria Carpets : The Royal Treatment

Victoria Carpets are a renowned British carpet company with a rich heritage of expertise. They have 120 years of craftsmanship to their name in which time they have honed their skills and knowledge accumulating to the creation of their exquisite carpets today. Making all their products in the UK, they have also received Royal Warrants from Her Majesty the Queen. They have carpeted the royal households for many years and supplied the carpet for the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Their specialist categories can be defined by Twist, Loop and Velvet, which extensive technical properties and elegant designs make them luxury carpets in their own right.

Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave : A Natural Beauty

Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave is made from 100% Premium Spun Wool so that you can feel comfortable knowing your carpet is made from natural materials. The tufted loop construction gives your room a peaceful and homely tone. The eight tones in this collection range from muted ginger colours to honeyed oatmeal hues all over which are very easy to match with interior designs of many styles.

Technical Features

Due to the fact that this collection is made with 100% premium spun wool it is extremely durable which makes it a perfect choice for a family or heavy footfall areas of the home. Coming in at a usage class of 31 which represents an extra heavy domestic level you can even use this hallways and staircases. You don’t have to worry about moths as this carpet has moth resistant properties. It’s construction consists of a 3 ply yarn giving you a plush texture under your feet. The Loc-Weave backing is a Victoria Carpets patented system that results in a softer feeling underfoot. The carpet has a superior bond which protects against delamination so you don’t have to worry about the binding of your carpet. All of Victoria Carpets products come with a Lifetime Warranty Against Shading and available in 4m or 5m widths.

There are two options in the Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave range; Style and Classic.These carpets only differ on two factors; the overall appearance of the weave construction and the TOG value.

The Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave Style has a TOG of 1.00 compared to the Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave Classic which has a TOG of 1.20. Both of these ranges are ideal underfloor heating systems due to their TOG rating. Whilst both being a loop construction carpet, these designs do look different. The Classic has a linear style knit compared to the Style which has more of a homogeneous appearance to the knit.

Easy To Maintain Carpet

Maintaining your Victoria Carpets Sisal Weave could not be easier. It is recommended to vacuum clean a carpet regularly in order to cleanse the dust that it filters from the air. In heavier used areas where more dirt accumulates it is necessary to clean a carpet on a daily basis. On occasion you should also clean your carpet with a shampoo made specifically for carpets. This will help to retain the colour and condition of your carpet. Every now and then you can get a qualified professional carpet cleaner for a deep cleaning that will leave your carpet sparkling.

Installation of Victoria Carpets

As Victoria Carpets supply premium quality carpets, it is compulsory that you use a professional carpet installation professional when laying your new carpet. It must be installed in full accordance to the British Standard BS5325. Under no circumstances should you attempt to install this carpet yourself.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet

Victoria Carpets take care to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Environmental Policy ISO14001 in which emissions from both transport and production are controlled and reduced, as well as special attention to reducing energy wastage and general wastage from production.

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