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Victoria Carpets Strathmore Collection

The Victoria Carpets Strathmore collection is a beautiful selection of wool carpets with a range of heathered colours to choose from. This style of colouring is great for hiding any unsightly debris making it altogether easier to maintain. The twist pile gives a modern aesthetic to the carpet which makes it a great choice for contemporary interior design style.

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Victoria Carpets Strathmore 45oz/55oz

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Victoria Carpets : Royal Warrant Carpet Craftsmen

Victoria Carpets have carpeted the Royal households for many years and have earned themselves a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen in 2013. Their incredible quality luxury carpets are superior in many aspects having been in the business for over 120 years. A company with such a rich heritage and acclaim, you can be certain they know their craft. They began in 1895 and have withstood the test of time. Now with three categories of carpet; Twist, Loop and Velvet and many collections with different designs and properties you will certainly find the right carpet for you.

Victoria Carpets Strathmore : A Collection of Quality

There are many technical features that make the Victoria Carpets Strathmore collection a cut above the average. The low tog aspect makes this carpet suitable for hot water underfloor heating systems so that you can enhance the comfort of your home with ease. The Loc-Weave backing ensures that no de-lamination occurs and to reinforce the longevity of your carpet. There are two options for the carpet weight; 45oz and 55oz which show the luxurious quality and thickness of the carpet. Excellent for extra heavy domestic wear, you can put this carpet in high traffic areas such as hallways or staircases. The carpet has 10th Guage meaning the fibres are woven densely together at 10 ends per inch, this is a property that defines how high quality the carpet is. In order to protect your carpet from the incursion of moths it has a special technology that makes the carpet moth resistant. The Victoria Carpets Strathmore collection also comes with a lifetime warranty against shading as it has excellent lightfastness so you know that your carpet will last. At 80%, 10% Acrylic and 10% Polypropylene the carpet is both durable and 80% natural materials

Style And Substance

The twist pile carpet of the Victoria Carpets Strathmore adds a stylish and contemporary feeling to a room. The flecked, muted colours in a natural toned palette give a very calming feeling to a home. They are easy to match with different colour schemes as they are fairly neutral hues. These relaxing shades look beautiful with shaggy rugs and chunky knit textiles to invoke a cosy ambience.

Tender Loving Carpet Care

 In order to maintain your carpets you can do a number of things to optimise their longevity. The first would be to vacuum clean on a regular basis depending on the footfall traffic within the area. It is recommended that you vacuum clean heavy use areas daily for life span expansion. This is due to carpet trapping the dust and airborne particles which helps to regulate and filter the air in the room – you can view it as cleaning the filter in your air filter machine. Secondly, it is suggested that you use a specialised carpet shampoo to care for your carpet. This helps to reduce bacteria and retain colour brightness, just as you would with any soft fibres be it clothes or hair. The next measure you can take is to carefully snip any snags or pulls in your carpet should they occur due to general wear and usage.  Do not attempt to pull these out as this will cause balding on any carpet. To install, you must have a professional carpet fitter complete the process.

Environmentally Conscious Carpets

Victoria Carpets take into careful consideration the impact their production and delivery has on the environment. This is why it is their company policy to adhere to the standards of ISO14001. Amongst other regulations they also ensure to reduce landfill, improve recycling from process waste, control the emissions from their vehicles as well as control and reduce energy usage.

BRICOFLOR : Better For You

There are many excellent reasons to choose your carpet from BRICOFLOR. Not only do we selectively source our products from high quality manufacturers, we also offer a best price guarantee on their wares. In order to give you the best level of service possible, we offer free samples that allow you to feel the high standard of the product and also to see the colour in real life so that you can envision it in your home. You can contact us to get tailored advice on such things as technical data, installation recommendations and suitability along with personalised quotes for large quantity orders.