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Vorwerk Arena Carpet: A proven classic for you

The long-standing German company Vorwerk offers something for every modern interior with its Projection range. This multi-dimensional loop carpet collection covers everything from fresh lightness to retro designs in a wide variety of colours, styles and characteristics, so you are sure to find one to your taste. Vorwerks Projection has its finger on the pulse of the latest contemporary living trends. The popular loop carpet collection Vorwerk Arena is a perfect example. 

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Vorwerk Arena

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Vorwerk Arena fine-loop carpets are designed in a subtle dual-tone mottled style that gives them a beautiful iridescent effect on the surface. The 20 colour combinations are dominated by classic tones, in particular elegant greys and anthracite. You can also find an elegant aubergine violet and shades of aqua, as well as rust and sand tones. The expertly designed Vorwerk Arena carpet has been a highly popular product in commercial settings for several years now. Arena embodies maximum performance paired with a sophisticated look.

A strong loop carpet for professional use – The quality of Vorwerk Arena

When it comes to durability, Arena carpets are truly exceptional talents. The constant development undertaken by the long-established Vorwerk Carpets has resulted in a quality that is bursting with toughness. The usage class 33 combined with the strong polyamide material guarantee that these carpets can be applied in highly frequented commercial areas – so you can concentrate on the essentials at your workplace! This carpet halves the amount of fine dust particles in your offices and makes life easier for any employees with asthma or allergies. This heat-insulating carpet will additionally save you heating costs. With Vorwerk Arena, you can trust in a product that is easy on the joints and boasts extraordinary longevity so you will not have to fork out for a new flooring further down the line. Make your life easier with a relaxed atmosphere that can only be created by textile floor coverings; enjoy the new silence from the sound-absorbing properties of the carpet. Take full advantage of the quality of Vorwerk Arena carpeting in your working environment and experience the efficiency firsthand.

Vorwerk Arena Carpet: Subtly mottled, classically elegant or vibrantly dynamic

The Vorwerk Arena is a smooth, fine loop that is particularly eye-catching thanks to its subtle mottled design, which produces a stunning iridescent effect on the carpet’s surface. Its colour completes the optical effect with classy tones such as aubergine violet, lively aqua or dynamic green shades, which stand out elegantly from the greys and beiges. The colour combinations of Vorwerk’s Arena carpets allow you to create a unique atmosphere in your own four walls or offices.

Arena carpet from Vorwerk's projection series: The result of many years of market presence

Your Vorwerk carpet is much more than just a simple floor covering! Having launched on the market more than 130 years ago, Vorwerk flooring also represents perfectly unique products with their “Made in Germany” label of quality. All collections from this company easily meet the high standards of a classic material quality and elegance. Vorwerk Carpets is confident that a certain level of quality can create a sense of well-being for the customer. Accordingly, the first class nature of Vorwerk Arena carpets is guaranteed, among other things, by the highly artistic processing of the best possible yarns. The walking sensation and the impact noise-preventing attributes of the soft wool Arena collection create a comfortable atmosphere in your rooms. But you will also be tempted by the technical properties of this first-rate carpet. The collection can withstand even the highest demands from busy lifestyles thanks to its sophisticated looping process. They are ideal for galleries with high visitor frequency, formal living rooms and bedrooms and even rooms with underfloor heating. Since the Projection collection is produced with long-term use in mind, you can benefit from the company’s five-year warranty. Be inspired to opt for this fabulous carpet, treat yourself and your feet to Arena from Vorwerk flooring!

Arena Carpet made by Vorwerk Carpets: Exemplary sustainability

Market-leading Vorwerk Carpets also demonstrate their ecological values with the exemplary characteristics of Arena and the other carpets in the Projection range. All the collections in this range have been tested for both toxic substances and fine dust and, thanks to their excellent binding, are even recommended for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, all products in the Projection collection meet the company's own requirements with regard to environmentally friendly sustainability - the “Life Balance” label, for example, certifies that the production of their loop carpets is resource-friendly. In addition, their ISO 9001:2000 certification promises that international eco-guidelines have been complied with throughout the entire production process. On top of this, you will also find Vorwerk carpets attractive because they are all odourless and easy to care for. Vorwerk Arena is proof that an attractive appearance and a top-quality technical finish do not need to come at the expense of the environment.

BRICOFLOR: the perfect combination of quality and value

At BRICOFLOR, we want our clients to receive the best care. With our free carpet samples, you can experience the quality of a Vorwerk carpet from the comfort of your home. Our best price guarantee ensures you get the lowest price around. We provide many of Europe’s leading manufacturers at cost-efficient prices. We offer a tailored advice line where you can speak to one of our friendly team that can offer assistance with installation, design and suitability options. You can also contact our quotes team for personalised offers on large quantity orders.