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Vorwerk Contura Creation carpet – A reliable loop carpet that lasts

The Vorwerk Contura Creation carpet from the Projection loop collection is an easy-care hard-wearing floor covering. This Vorwerk carpet is easy to clean and has superior durability which means it can be installed in commercial areas with heavy foot traffic from the public.

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Vorwerk Contura Creation

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Whether a pub, a school, a waiting room, an open-plan office, a children's room a hotel lobby or even on the stairs: Contura Creation can be laid even in constant-use areas because the edges will not fray when exposed to heavy wear. The wude range of applications leaves you completely free to create a new look for your space. The tufted loop pile is solution dyed, a procedure whereby fibres have colour pigments added directly into the yarns at the initial stage of production. With this method, the brilliance of the colour is maintained despite harmful external influences such as strong UV radiation, abrasion and stress on the pile surface. Experience the durable lightfast colours of Vorwerk Contura Creation carpets. The yarn material is made of 100% polyamide 6, a high-performance plastic that is a highly effective raw material in carpet manufacturing. Due to its high elasticity, wear resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility, this material guarantees the quality and longevity of the carpets.

The material of the Contura Creation collection from Vorwerk makes for a highly resilient flooring

With the Contura Creation collection, you will get premium quality without the extra cost. You can benefit from a long-lasting carpet that will provide optimal performance time and again. The heat-insulating properties of this carpet allow you to save on electricity costs. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers can finally breathe a sigh of relief - the structure of the carpeting will cut down the concentration of fine dust in your room by a half! The springy surface is gentler on the joints than that of hard floors and a cosier atmosphere is also created by the textile structure, which absorbs sounds in your room, thus creating a pleasant environment in your home. Benefit from 130 years of expertise and experience the extraordinary quality of this Vorwerk collection.

A creative play of colours – radiate elegance with Vorwerk Contura Creation

The mottled and patterned Vorwerk Contura Creation carpet is available in a selection of elegant colour variants that appeal thanks to their fresh combinations. The result is a collection of spotted compositions that resemble the work of an impressionist landscape painter. A dark background of deep ash is sprinkled with light snow-like spots, sparkling moss is dappled with light on a lush forest floor, and shining anthracite rocks are sprinkled with shadows made by the trees.

Vorwerk Contura Creation carpet: welcome relief for allergy sufferers and the environment

With the exemplary character of the Vorwerk Contura Creation and the other Projection collections, Vorwerk flooring demonstrates strong environmentally friendly values. All carpet models available in the Projection loop series have been tested for the emission of both toxins and fine dust particles and, thanks to their impeccable binding, are even highly recommended for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, all products in the Projection collection comply with the company's policy of environmentally friendly sustainability - the specially developed “Life Balance” rating guarantees that your loop carpet is manufactured in a gentle manner. In addition, its ISO 9001:2000 certification promises that international ecological conditions have been complied with throughout the production of the Contura Creation carpet. On top of this, the Contura Creation collection is a sensible option because it is odourless and requires little care. Contura Creation carpets prove that good looks and technical ability do not have to compromise the environment or adversely impact your health. Vorwerk flooring sets the standard!

Order Vorwerk Contura Creation carpet with a best price guarantee from BRICOFLOR

Have you opted for the alluring loop Vorwerk Contura Creation? Then don't hesitate; order your Vorwerk carpet conveniently from BRICOFLOR. Relax and browse through the wide range and unmissable offers on the BRICOFLOR online shop. If you are unsure whether the desired designs or the structure of the carpet will match your interior or your individual requirements, do not hesitate to contact us and let the competent BRICOFLOR service team give you expert advice. If you still have doubts, you can have samples of your favourite carpets sent to you free of charge. BRICOFLOR will gladly provide a quote on any large orders.