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Vorwerk Gattea – The Ultimate Companion for Your Everyday Life

If you are looking for a resilient carpet for your home, Vorwerk Gattea is the ideal choice for you! This exquisite collection of durable carpets is made to last. Suitable for heavy domestic use (Wear Class 23), this carpet will easily withstand everyday wear and tear for many years to come. Vorwerk is a renowned German company with more than 130 years of experience in carpet making. 

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Vorwerk Gattea

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Premium materials make for a hard-wearing Vorwerk Gattea product

Vorwerk only uses high-quality materials for the production of their Gattea carpet. The strong textile backing, for instance, increases this carpet’s stability. This woven loop pile carpet has a total thickness of only 3.8 mm, making it resilient and less prone to indentations from furniture. Besides increasing the carpet’s resilience and longevity, the premium materials also make this carpet a comfortable flooring solution: The impact sound insulation (16 dB), for example, quietens noise from adjacent rooms and thus makes for a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Vorwerk Gattea gives relief to allergy sufferers since it successfully reduces toxic concentrations of fine dust in the air of a room by more than 50% in comparison to hard flooring. Another superior feature of this carpet is its yarn: It is made of 100% PA 6, a robust polyamide material that gives this carpet its heavy-duty character. Since their high-quality carpets are incredibly resilient, they are a popular choice for homes all over the world. Gattea is very robust, so it can be installed on stairs, and castor wheeled chairs will not damage its surface. You simply cannot go wrong with Vorwerk Gattea, the carpet designed to stand the test of time!

A sophisticated Vorwerk design in natural colours for your home

When talking about the carpet’s yarn, it is essential to also mention its exciting design. This carpet is available in 13 elegant colour schemes, all of which feature fine stripes, creating a linear and tidy look on your floor. The modern stripes are created by combining finely nuanced tones that match each other perfectly. You can choose between multiple mineral hues, each bringing a natural atmosphere to any room. The colour palette covers different shades of grey, brown and blue, ranging from a light beige to a dark mixture of blue and anthracite. Please make use of our free sample service to help you decide on your favourite colours. The samples will be sent to your home, where you can take as much time as you like comparing the different colours and their effect on your interior design.

Vorwerk Gattea – the eco-friendly carpet for a brighter future

Vorwerk is an important global player with an eco-conscious mindset. Back in 1994, they formulated their slogan “Our logo has always been green” and they place an emphasis on the eco-friendly production of their products. With a strong belief that saving the planet’s precious resources is the key to a prosperous future, Vorwerk are constantly working on more sustainable solutions. Vorwerk carpets are a prime example of the company’s eco-friendly credentials, as they are very low in emissions (A+) and have been awarded the GuT eco-certificate. This carpet collection is proof that eco-friendliness can go hand in hand with resilience and longevity.

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