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Vorwerk Passion 1003 - The Carpet for Unique Comfort

The stylish Vorwerk Passion 1003 carpets achieve softness and comfort, combined with durability and style. The soft shaggy surface promises and incomparable experience for your feet whilst also featuring technical features that make it an excellent match for the everyday stresses in your home.

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Vorwerk Passion 1003

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Make Yourself Comfortable with Passion 1003 by Vorwerk

Offered in a range of 15 different decors, the colour scheme of the Passion 1003 is inspired by subtle sophistication and elegance for your home. The soft tones of the decors can be easily combined with different furnishing styles. From monochrome colours like grey and beige, to colourful variants like purple, blue and green.The bold and passionate variant Passion 1003 "1M02" is a true statement maker to catch everyone’s attention. The warming and rich effect creates an intensity perfect bedrooms. On the other side of the colour palette. The shaggy texture of the carpets provide an inviting and luxuriously soft appearance. The curled shape of the yarn creates a tangled structure which is not only visually appealing but brings comfort to every step, helping it to achieve the luxury rating 3.

Carpet from Vorwerk - A Reliable Choice for Your Home

The Passion 1003 consists of 100% polyamide, which has excellent resistance properties. This is reinforced by its utility class 23, which signifies its suitability to be used in heavily used areas of the home. So not only are the carpets suitable for the main living areas and bedrooms, but they are durable enough to withstand use in entryways, hallways and staircases too. The Vorwerk carpets also feature chair roll suitability and antistatic properties, making it suited for use with office equipment and electrical appliances. It also features the fire protection class Cfl-s1, which signifies that the carpet is flame retardant and produces low levels f smoke in the case of a fire.

Made from an Eco Friendly Production - Vorwerk Carpets

Vorwerk exhibit a strong commitment to sustainability and places a high priority on the environment and its customers wellbeing. Thus, the Vorwerk Passion collection achieves several eco-product labels. The carpets are pollutant-free and odorless, and also contributes positively to the indoor air quality of your rooms thanks to its dust binding yarn material. These features make it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Enjoy Quiet Room Acoustics for Extra Tranquility in Your Rooms

The Passion 1003 carpets feature excellent impact sound reducing properties up to 25 dB. This not only means that you can enjoy a quiet soundscape in your home, but also eliminates the need for an additional acoustic underlay. What’s more, the collection has excellent thermal resistance, making it suitable to be installed over underfloor heating systems for extra luxury for your feet!

Vorwerk Passion 1003 Available Now at BRICOFLOR

Discover the comfort of the Vorwerk Passion 1003 collection and order now in just a few simple steps! We also offer a free sample service for those who would like to assess the different decors in person before making the purchase. What’s more, for large order quantities, we may be able to offer individualised quotes so you can get your carpets at an even greater price! To get in touch with our team of experts, simply call, email or complete our contact form with any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from you!