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Vorwerk Superior 1010 - Durable Carpet Made of Soft Velour

The striking collection of carpets from the Vorwerk Superior 1010 range is sure to strengthen your interiors in every aspect. Its resilient velours not only form an elegant appearance, but also forms a strong and durable surface.


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Equipped for Commercial Areas with Moderate Traffic Levels

The Superior 1010 range is characterised by a utility class of 32, making it suitable for commercial areas exposed to moderate traffic levels such as hotel rooms and office areas. What’s more, it achieves a luxury class 3, highlighting its softness and suitability to equip many areas throughout the home. Whilst carpet for the home is typically installed in bedrooms and living areas, the Vorwerk Superior 1010 can also be used to equip your staircases and hallways. Made of 100% polyamide, the resilient yarn material has excellent abrasion qualities, making it difficult to leave residual impressions. In addition, simple impurities hardly penetrate into the deeper structures of the fibres, making it particularly easy to maintain its smart and clean appearance. What’s more the carpet fibres reproduce colour tones authentically and powerfully, making it an excellent choice when it comes to designing a stylish space.

The Commercially Suitable Properties - Vorwerk Carpet

Vorwerk carpets meet many requirements expected from commercial carpets. In particular, it has a high fire behaviour class Bfl-s1, making it hardly flammable and slow to produce smoke in the event of a fire. For offices environments, the carpet is an excellent choice thanks to its acoustic properties, reducing impact sound up to 28dB. What’s more, the carpeting is antistatically equipped, making it compatible to be installed in rooms with electrical equipment. For the home, the carpets are particularly beneficial in terms of improving indoor air climates. The fibres of the carpet are able to trap circulating dust, preventing it from continuing to spread around the room. Thus, the dust content in the room is reduced, improving the indoor air quality.

Choose from Natural Tones to Vibrant Carpet Colours

Available in 20 different shades, the Superior 1010 carpet offers considerable design freedom. You can find numerous variants from grey to anthracite, which are suitable shades for a timeless and sophisticated interior. For warmer shades, there are nuances of red and variants in brown, to bring a calming and natural feel to your rooms. The soft velour are particularly soft to touch, and the fibres are slightly curled, giving the impression of a slightly mottled surface.

Vorwerk Superior 1010 Available Now at BRICOFLOR

Choose the Vorwerk Superior 1010 collection for your next carpet. Its durable properties and stylish soft velour designs can help enhance your interiors. To help make your selection easier, we offer a free sample service to assess the designs for yourself before purchasing. What’s more we can offer customised offers for large orders intended for big projects. Simply get in touch with our team of experts via email, telephone or our contact form.

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