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Vorwerk Superior 1033 - Carpets in Superior Quality

With a sophisticated design and strong durability, the Vorwerk Superior 1033 offers many benefits for your interiors. Versatile, highly resilient and with a large variety of decors to choose from, the high quality standards by the German company really shine through this collection iof residential and commercial carpets.

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Vorwerk Superior 1033

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Carpets for Versatile Applications - Vorwerk Superior 1033

Thanks to its high utility class 33, you can lay the Vorwerk carpets in a variety of areas, including domestic applications as well as commercial settings. Renovate your premises with the Superior 1033 collection whether it be restaurants, hotels, or offices. The comfortable aspects of the design also allows you to use the carpets in the areas of your home with high load capacities, including main living room, bedroom and also hallways and staircases. The high durability of the Vorwerk carpets are thanks to their polyamide construction. This is a high quality yarn material known for its first-class abrasion behaviour which combats the formation of runs and residual impressions. What’s more, impurities are hard to penetrate into the deeper structures of the fibres. Thanks to the polyamide construction, the decors also have a high lightfastness, ensuring the colours intensity to last for many years.

Improving Indoor Air Quality Thanks to Practical Properties

In addition to the polyamide properties, the Superior 1033 collection can have a positive effect on the air quality in your rooms. This is because any dust that comes into contact with the carpets get trapped in the fibres, which then reduces the amount of dust circulating around the room. This is a particularly beneficial feature for those with allergies. This dust is removed with a regular vacuum cleaner and its capacity to bind more dust in renewed.

Underfloor heating can also promote a dust-free room as it can change the air circulation in your rooms, so that the dust is not circulating around as actively. Thanks to its high thermal resistance, you can pair the Superior 1033 carpets with underfloor heating systems. In order to ensure that no electrical charges occur at low humidity, the floor is anti-statically equipped, to protect you and your electronic devices. Additional safety features include its high fire behaviour class Cfl-s1, which signifies the carpets are flame retardant and only produce low levels of smoke in the case of a fire. What’s more, its impact sound insulation of up to 23 dB promotes a pleasant and quiet soundscape.

Choose from 20 Dynamic Decors - The Superior 1033 Collection 

The carpets from the Superior 1033 are characterised by their striped and sophisticated ribbed design. In a professional setting, this design is particularly well suited and helps to enhance the room aesthetics. Optically, the Superior 1033 will the huge choice of colours, which you will certainly find your ideal colour. Carpets available in brown, orange, red, blue green grey and black, the collection allows you to discover the design of your liking. The flooring consists of a mixture of tufted loops which are then partially cut open for an interesting optical effect. The loop-pile inspires by a degree of variety and slight colour contrasts that evoke a linear design for those rooms with a trend-setting dynamic.

Vorwerk Superior 1033 Now Available at BRICOFLOR

The elegant carpets with striped patterns are sure to withstand the high demands of your interiors whether it be in the residential or commercial sector. With our free sample service, you can assess your favourite designs in person before deciding on the most suitable design for your renovation. What’s more, we can offer individualised quotes for those with large orders for big projects. If you have any questions regarding the collection and your order please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts! Simply call, email, or complete our contact form, we are happy to assist and give any advice to help you to achieve your ideal interiors.