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The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor- Berber style carpet is a high quality British wool carpet

The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor-Berber is a fantastic carpet from Abingdon Flooring. This carpet is available in 10 timeless colours. To ensure you get a precise fit, this carpet is offered in 1,2,3,4, and 5 meter widths. By ordering the precise amount of carpet that you need, you minimize waste and save your time and money. This high-quality carpet is produced right here in Great Britain with 100% British wool fibres. British wool is extremely comfortable and cosy, as well as being an exceptionally durable fibre. When these wool fibres are combined with Abingdon’s patented Superbac® Technology, the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber becomes a high-quality carpet. Abingdon is confident that this carpet is made to their high standards of quality and backs the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber with a 7-year wear warranty. If you are looking for a high-quality carpet that is extremely durable and comfortable, then the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor—Berber is the carpet for you. If you are interested in the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber, then order a free sample. See for yourself the high quality of this carpet right in the comfort of your home!

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Royal Windsor - Berber

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The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor- Berber by Abingdon is proudly produced right here in the UK

The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber is produced right here in Great Britain. You know you are getting the best quality carpet available. This magnificent carpet is produced right here from 100% British wool fibres. This means you not only get an exceptionally durable carpet, but also a carpet renowned for its comfort and warmth. Wool has fantastic insulating qualities both as a thermal insulator and noise insulation. This means your home can stay warm with lower energy costs. This thick, wool carpet will also keep noise down. You can be sure that this quality wool carpet will be a worthwhile investment for your home, as it will bring you comfort and warmth for years to come.

The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor- Berber is exceptionally durable and crafted from 100% British wool

The Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber is unique with its 100% wool construction. This carpet forgoes synthetic fibres in favor of the highly durable and comfortable wool. British wool is renowned for its resilience and quality, so you can be sure that this carpet will be the best. The resilience of wool will keep your carpet looking great for many years. Abingdon is so confident in this fact that they back the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber with a 7-year wear warranty. This means that your carpet is a high quality, natural product backed by the name Abingdon Flooring.

With the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor- Berber carpet from Abingdon, you get the best of style and quality

You already know that the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber is an exceptionally durable carpet. Knowing this carpet will last for years to come, the Royal Windsor – Berber is available in 10 timeless colours that will never go out of style. These classic colours will fit seamlessly into your home, bringing with it a warm and soft surface structure. With this carpet, you will not have to worry about how it will look years down the road because Abingdon ensures that the quality of this carpet has it looking great for years to come. Abingdon is so confident in the quality of the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber that they back it with a 7- year wear warranty. If you would like to experience the Wilton Royal Royal Windsor – Berber in your home, order a free sample. We will deliver your sample directly to your home, allowing you to see for yourself the exceptional quality of this carpet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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