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The parquet flooring of Parador is as diverse as nature. The company based in Coesfeld specialises in floor coverings with detailed and authentic design, which visually enhance every room. But on the technical side as well, the real wood floors convince with their high quality, which makes them a reliable choice for the living area and promises a long service life.


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Since time immemorial, Parquet Flooring has been considered a particularly luxurious floor covering. Parador flooring can easily do justice to this reputation, as it is characterised by intelligent design. On the surface is the lamella, for which different types of wood are used depending on the decor. For example, in addition to the ubiquitous classics of Oak and Beech, you also get planks of American Walnut or Larch. At a right angle to the top layer runs the middle layer, which is made of solid fir spruce. The bottom layer is 90 degrees to the second, which has the same direction as the top layer. Due to the interplay of the differently arranged layers, the real wood floor gets an excellent dimensional stability, so that the risk of buckling and deformation is kept to a minimum. The durability of the planks is further enhanced by the impregnation of the top layer and the final one, which protects them from the effects of moisture. The combination of the three-layer structure and the additional compensation ensures that you are also satisfied with the laid ground in the long term, which is why you get a manufacturer's warranty of at least 10 years on the products.


Compared to other manufacturers, Parador offers a surprisingly wide range of different surface finishes that give the aesthetic finishes the finishing touch. If you want a light sheen for your planks, then you will make an excellent choice with the lacquer-sealed versions. A matte look, however, you can secure yourself with variants that have been treated with natural oil or matt lacquer. For oiled planks you have the choice between a common version and the Plus alternative, which is characterised by a high biogenic content. Finally, in the case of bright decors usually special oils and paints are used for compensation, which enhance the existing colour and ensure a harmonious overall picture. For those who want to administer the first care of the boards themselves, untreated versions are also available. If you want to feel the natural wood structures with every step, the oiled decors are recommended in the first place. In varnished versions, on the other hand, you benefit from easy cleaning and a hard-wearing surface.

Further design possibilities open up to you the different sortings, which determine significantly the effect of the floorboards. They indicate how many knots and cracks may be visible and thus provide orientation with regard to the desired effect. Planks in a restrained sorting are particularly suitable for an elegant flair. On the other hand, floors with distinctive grain have a rustic look that creates a cosy atmosphere in no time at all. If you do not agree with these two options, you can also opt for a balanced sorting that combines natural structures and slight colour differences.

Thanks to Parador's large product range, you do not have to compromise on renovating your four walls. You can choose your new flooring to match your furniture and follow your personal ideas. Overall, the portfolio of the German manufacturer includes five collections, of which we would like to introduce three of them below:


If you have never laid a parquet floor in your home before then, with Parador Basic you can take the first step without hesitation and secure yourself a first-class real wood floor at an affordable price. There are 24 different decors available in the collection, which perform well with an even appearance thanks to their mini edge bevel. The focus is on timeless oak designs that you can use flexibly in your home. In addition, the planks convince with their generous format, which saves you time in laying and also looks very elegant.


If you want to play it safe when setting up your rooms, take a look at Parador Classic. As the name of the collection suggests, it focuses on hardwood floors in a traditional design that will never go out of fashion. Nevertheless, you can choose from around 60 different decors your favourite and give your premises a personal touch. You can opt for light variants that exude liveliness and vitality, or for dark finishes that have a noble appearance, and thus giving a spacious effect.


Are you looking for a parquet floor with that certain something, then you are in the right place with Parador Edition. Behind it hide the three selections Open Frameworks, Floor Fields and New Classics, which contain a total of over 40 different decors. They were designed in collaboration with architects and designers, which is reflected in their unique look. The product range uses unusual structures and geometric patterns and attracts everyone's attention. The elaborate design is additionally underlined by the matt surface. 


For a long time, parquet was only to be applied using full-surface bonding and always required the help of a specialist. But in the case of Parador's modern wood floors, you can resort to floating installation and benefit from the unbeatable advantages of the method. It can be mastered even without extensive previous knowledge in the field of craftsmanship and is therefore ideal for home improvement. Most products of the manufacturer are equipped with a click system, thanks to which you can completely dispense with adhesive. This makes it possible to correct errors at any time and replace damaged planks at a later date. For individual selections, the company recommends gluing the edges of the planks to ensure the necessary stability. All versions can be used without any problems in combination with underfloor heating (hot water), so you do not have to do without the comfort of warm feet.


If you have been convinced of the high quality of Parador, you can secure it with just a few clicks in our online shop. You benefit from our proven best price guarantee, thanks to which you will be spared time consuming price comparisons. In addition, you can rely on our various services. For example, if you find it difficult to choose a flooring, you can request a sample using our free sample service. You can then examine these at home and get a detailed impression of their quality. In addition, you can contact our competent technical advice, if you have questions about the assortment or the ordering process. You can reach us by phone, via mail and via the contact form. For large quantities of products, you can also request an individual offer. Just write us a short message and we will address your request.