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Parador Classic 3060 Engineered Wood Flooring

The Parador Classic 3060 engineered wood flooring range has timeless design that will be in style for years to come. The wood options are American Walnut, Ash, Beech, Canadian Maple, Cherry, European Maple, Larch and Oak which gives you a wide variety of choice. You can choose from a selection of plank styles to suit different sized spaces, such as wide plank which is excellent for large expanses and shipsdeck with many small planks which give an intimate feeling to a room. There are also many finishes that add protection and character to the wood.

Parador Classic

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Parador Flooring : The Performance of Living

Parador is an award winning flooring production company that collaborates with world renowned designers such as Alfredo Häberli and Hadi Teherani to create exquisite and unique designs. With their engineered wood flooring being manufactured in Güssing, their facilities for production are one of the most modern in Europe. Their philosophy revolves around the idea that life is a performance that inspires their products making them practical and beautiful in their design.

Details That Make The Difference

Bevelled Or Not Bevelled Options

You can choose from a number of bevel options such as a four bevelled finish which accentuates the planks and gives an authentic and rustic feel to your flooring. Alternatively, there is a two bevelled edge style which gives the illusion of a greater depth of the plank. Finally, there are selections that have no bevels which helps you to achieve a sleek modern finish with a smooth surface where the planks connect.

Textures To Inspire

There is a wide variety of textural surfaces to choose from in this range. From beautifully cracked elephant skin to authentic sawn and hand scraped styles you can find a depth of character in every plank. If you prefer more contemporary flooring style there is the smooth finish option which adds a sophisticated feeling to the room.

The Treatments And Finishes That Protect Your Floor

The lacquered finish has a silk gloss which contributes to the protection of the original wood surface from dirt and general wear. This is a coating that preserves the wood underneath and has a strong light reflecting quality.

In contrast to the lacquered finish, the matt lacquered finish has the appearance of an oil treatment which adds emphasis to the colour and texture of the authentic wood surface layer. This finish also a more light absorbing surface property which makes it less shiny overall for a more raw wood textured look with the added protection of the lacquer.  This also comes in a lacquer finish white matt option that has the same benefits of the matt lacquered finish but also adds a white colouring that complements the natural tone and textural nuances in the wood .

The natural oil finish allows the character of the original wood layer in engineered wood flooring to take center stage. The patina in the wood is emphasised whilst still receiving optimal protection. The natural oils that the wood is treated with allow the wood to be nourish deep inside and helps to retain the natural cycle of absorbing and releasing the oil into your room which can have added health benefits. This natural oil needs replenishing every two to three years to ensure the performance and appearance of the flooring is maintained. Another variation of the natural oil finish is the natural oil finish white that adds a white coloured tone that works together with the natural colouring and textures in the wood to create balance.

Untreated wood finishes are referring to floors that have no surface treatment applied. The natural wearing of the flooring through regular use creates an interesting and unique patina, adding character in abundance.

Technical Features That Fortify Your Parador Floor

This flooring has many great technical features, for example, the material and structural composition of the flooring means it is suitable for hot water under floor heating systems so that you can enjoy your flooring whatever the weather. There is also a swell protection technology that fortifies the wood from swelling due to fluctuations in the temperature and moisture levels in the immediate environment. There is also a wear layer of 3.6mm which shows the long life span of the product, which comes with an impressive 25 year residential warranty

Environmentally Conscious And Ecological Flooring

The Parador engineered wood flooring ranges are people and environment friendly. With low on emissions and allergens, you can relax knowing that your floor is made of materials that are healthy for your home. TÜV, the LGA and Blue Angel certificates are there to reassure and verify the environmentally friendly quality and thus giving you peace of mind. Not only this but these Parador have a rebalancing effect on the indoor climate due to the real wood used.

Easy And Ergonomic Installation Technique

Parador have developed a patented click system that has been tried and tested to produce the most effective and simple installation – AUTOMATIC-CLICK© Their floorings are all built to incorporate this easy to use tongue and groove laying method to make a more convenient experience for you.

Before installation, you should allow the planks to acclimatise to the room’s temperature and keep them for at least 48 hours in their original packaging at the place of installation to prevent any warping and cupping. Besides having firm, clean, dry sub-flooring, the right underlay plays a crucial role. It compensates for slight uneven patches and, with an integrated moisture barrier, ensures the required moisture protection on mineral substrates. If an underlay is used on mineral subflooring without a moisture barrier, a PE film must also be installed.

Once the underlay is installed, it is possible to start with the actual installation of the engineered wood floor. With a floating installation, the floor is laid without being firmly fastened to the subfloor. At least 8 – 10 mm should be maintained as an expansion joint.

Parador from BRICOFLOR, For You

BRICOFLOR supplies only high quality and well trusted flooring manufacturers so that you can be assured that your flooring comes from excellent sources. You can contact us for a personalised quote or if you have any other queries do not hesitate to get in touch as we will be happy to assist you.