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Parador Edition Engineered Wood Flooring

Real wood floors in an exclusive design are now available in the new Parador Edition collection. Among others, the architect Hadi Teherani and the designer Alfredo Häberli, who have given the classic floor covering a new appealing guise, contributed to its development. The decors stand out clearly from conventional parquet floors and fascinate with exciting geometric patterns and sophisticated structures. The different versions are sorted in the three selections Open Frameworks, New Classics and Floor Fields, which comprise a total of 40 variants.

Parador Edition

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From An Award Winning Company

Parador flooring has a wide collection of impressive awards on their shelf that speaks of their creativity and originality in their high performing flooring and flooring publications. From the ‘Red Dot’ Design Award, which they have won more than once, to the numerous Flooring Industry Awards they have received, you cannot doubt the high level of design prowess put into their products. Their engineered wood flooring production site is based in Güssing, Germany therefore you can be assured of the Austrian quality of their products.

The Collections

With over 40 varied designs in each collection the Parador Edition range consists of Open Frameworks, New Classics and Floor Fields.

While the latter two use a special natural oil to treat the planks, Open Frameworks have lacquer-sealed planks. All decors are characterised by a matte look that makes them look luxurious and stylish.

The Parador parquet not only impresses with its sophisticated design, but can also shine with its technical features. It has a 3.6 mm thick wear layer, which can defy even larger loads in the living area. In addition, the structure of three layers counteracts deformations, as it significantly improves the dimensional stability. Since the German company is fully behind the quality of its products, you get a manufacturer's warranty of 25 years when buying. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your engineered wood flooring will look good in the long term.

The parquet floor is suitable for a floating installation, so you can do without a full-surface gluing of the boards. Which method should be used in detail depends on the selected selection. With Open Frameworks and New Classics, the edges have to be glued because of the small plank size, so that the planks do not slip later. At Floor Fields, you can benefit from the usual advantages of a click system and do without glue altogether. As a base, we recommend an insulating mat, which reduces the volume of noise that occurs. If required, you can combine the floor covering with underfloor heating (hot water) to ensure a pleasantly warm surface for your feet.

Treatements That Nourish Your Floors

This Parador collection has two choices in terms of the treatments. There is the natural oil plus treatment and the white natural oil plus. In the case of the first, natural oil is applied to the wood that nurtures the wood from within whilst allowing it to retain its original surface texture. This oil treatment is a treat not just for your floors but also for you. The natural benefits of real wood flooring comes from the fact that the wood is a living organism that ‘breathes’. It absorbs the oil and releases it into the air, rebalancing and regulating the atmosphere in its immediate environment. The white natural oil plus has the same properties as the natural oil plus treatment however it has a white pigment. This white hue evens out and works with the woods natural colourings to give a more equal tone to the wood where some woods may have quite a wide range of tones that can be too overpowering for a flooring that covers such a large surface area.

Alluring Technical Features

With a wear layer of 3mm-4mm, depending on the style, your flooring will have a long life span. This is why Parador offers a 25 year residential warranty with this parquet flooring. On top of this, the flooring is suitable for hot water underfloor heating systems so that you can have a state of the art home that offers you endless comfort. There is an additional swell resistance coating that acts as a preventative measure for the floor cracking and warping with the changes in heat and moisture levels.

Easy Installation That Is Convenient For You

The installation of Parador engineered wood flooring is designed with you in mind. Their patented AUTO-CLICK© aluminium click system is the most ergonomic way to lay a floor. It makes it suitable for a floating installation.  It is important to allow a period of 48 hours for the flooring to settle and adjust to the room’s temperature in which you are planning to install it before taking it out of it’s original packaging. It is not necessary to use glue on this parquet flooring which makes the entire laying process much more hassle free. Simply lay down your underlay on your clean, dry, even subfloor and follow the instructions.

Environmentally Conscious Flooring

As well as being PEFC Certified, having an A+ on low emissions ratings, Parador flooring has TÜV, the LGA and Blue Angel certifications so that you be rest assured that the flooring you choose from Parador is environmentally friendly and does not release harmful chemicals into the air of your home.

Parador Flooring At BRICOFLOR, Always Here For You

Here are BRICOFLOR you can always be assured that your flooring will be of an excellent standard as we source our products from a carefully curated selection of some of Europe’s leading flooring manufacturers. Our experts are just a phone call away should you want a personalised quote or advice on your flooring solutions from BRICOFLOR. Simply contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.