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Parador Trendtime 4 Engineered Wood Flooring

The Parador Trendtime collection is for those looking for something extra special to place in their home. For those who don’t follow the crowd, this collection comes in unusual contemporary designs that will capture your imagination. The collection is compromised of three sub-collections; Trendtime 4, Trendtime 6 and Trendtime 9.

Parador Trendtime

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Parador : The Award Winning Flooring Manufacturers

Parador has won many awards for their creative flooring designs. Having collaborated with many renowned designers such as Alfredo Häberli and Hadi Teherani to create these exquisite and unique designs it is no wonder they have received awards for ‘Best of the Best’ Interior Design Innovation from the German Design Council, the IF Design award for best product design, Flooring Industry Awards and many more. Their acclaim for lateral thinking in their flooring is well deserved and their inspiration comes from the philosophy that ‘life is a performance’ which points to the fact that our environment should give us a good performance so that we can perform well. Thus, they bring together the elements of beautiful and intelligent design with high quality, durable materials and construction. Manufacturing their engineered wood flooring in Güssing, you know that you are presented with Austrian quality products.

Parador Trendtime 4

Parador Trendtime 4 is a wide plank collection that adheres to the latest styles in the interior design world, whilst leading the new vogue as well. The wood options come in oak, American walnut and American cherry to elevate your home. The collection gives you the choice of having planks with a 4 sided bevel or mini bevels depending on whether you prefer a greater emphasis on the plank outline or not. With more accentuated edges you can create a more rustic look in your room. On the other hand, if you prefer, you can have with less defined edges for a much cleaner and á la mode aesthetic.

In terms of protection and the light reflecting qualities, you can decide between a glossier lacquered finish or a matt lacquered coating. Both finishes offer fortifying qualities to your engineered wood flooring to reduce the visible impact of regular use whilst making it easier to clean and shielding the wood from dirt.

The surface texture of this collection is left to it’s natural beauty as the wood is, apart from it’s lacquer top coat, untreated to show it’s original raw elegance. You can enjoy a 25 year residential warranty due to this floorings long life span and structural resilience. It’s wear layer is 3.6mm and also comes with a swell protection coating that prevents the floor from changing shape and cracking from fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels in it’s immediate atmosphere. This Parador engineered wood flooring is even suitable for hot water underfloor heating systems as it conducts heat well.

Parador Trendtime 8

The Parador Trendtime 8 series offers beautiful rich tones in smoked oak. It also has some very unique textures to choose from, such as the beautifully cracked elephant skin option emulates the large pores of an elephant’s skin in the way the fissures and the fibres twist. You also have the carefully hand crafted texture that works with the grain of the wood to accentuate the innate charm of the product. In this series you also have a finish with no texture added to the wood.

This engineered wood flooring collection features 4 sided bevelled planks which highlight the edges, giving your room more of a homely, country house feeling.  Wide planks allow the natural patina of the woods fibres to be on display which is a beautiful feature to take centre stage in your room.

This Parador collection has two choices in terms of the finishes. There is the natural oil plus treatment and the white natural oil plus. In the case of the first, natural oil is applied to the wood that nurtures the wood from within whilst allowing it to retain its original surface texture. The natural benefits of real wood flooring comes from the fact that it absorbs the oil and releases it into the air, rebalancing and regulating the atmosphere in its immediate environment. The white natural oil plus has the same properties as the natural oil plus treatment however it has a white pigment. This white hue evens out and works with the woods natural colourings to give a more equal tone to the wood overall.

With a wear layer of 3mm-4mm, depending on the style, your flooring will have a long life span. This is why Parador offers a 25 year residential warranty with this parquet flooring.

Parador Trendtime 9

Parador Trendtime 9 is an engineered oak flooring that comes in elegant designs full of character and expressive details. The warm hues that run through the grain of the wood give a brown and beige palette, adding a friendly and inviting quality to a room. This engineered wood flooring collection contains matt lacquer or natural oil plus. Matt lacquer offers you durability, a chic matt finish and an even surface that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. The lacquer helps to absorb impact, protecting your floor from the regular use it receives and insulating some of the sound.  Natural oil is applied to the wood that nurtures it from within whilst allowing it to retain its original surface texture. The natural benefits of real wood flooring that has been treated with natural oils comes from the fact that the wood is a living organism that ‘breathes’. It absorbs the oil and releases it into the air, rebalancing and regulating the atmosphere in its immediate environment.

Another great feature of the Parador Trendtime 9 collection is the mini bevels that subtly accentuate the planks outlines, emanating a more traditional, cosy feeling in the room whilst still allowing the flexibility to complement more modern, urban interiors. This wide plank range also has no texture added to it so that the large surface area can really draw attention to the beautiful natural details in the wood.

With a wear layer of 3.6mm the longevity of this flooring is of an excellent quality. This is why Parador offer a 25 year residential warranty with this parquet flooring. On top of this, the flooring is suitable for hot water underfloor heating systems. There is an additional swell resistance coating that acts as a preventative measure for the floor cracking and warping with the changes in heat and moisture levels.

Flooring That Cares For The Environment

You can count on Parador engineered wood flooring to always be low on emissions and allergens, so you can relax knowing that your floor is made of materials that are healthy for your home. TÜV, the LGA and Blue Angel certificates are there to reassure and verify the environmentally friendly quality and thus giving you peace of mind. Not only this but these Parador flooring collections have a rebalancing effect on the indoor climate due to the organic raw materials used.

Installation Method That Is Quick And Simple

With the Parador AUTOMATIC-CLICK© patented click system you can relax knowing that the installation of your parquet flooring will be a breeze.  

Their floorings are all built to incorporate this easy to use tongue and groove laying method to make installation fast and convenient. The flooring is suitable for a floating installation which means that glue is not a necessity.

You should allow the planks to acclimatise to the room’s temperature before installing and keep them for at least 48 hours in their original packaging where you are planning to lay them to prevent any warping and cupping. Besides having firm, clean, dry sub-flooring, the right underlay plays a crucial role. It compensates for slight uneven patches and, with an integrated moisture barrier, ensures the required moisture protection on mineral substrates. If an underlay is used on mineral subflooring without a moisture barrier, a PE film must also be installed.

Parador Flooring At BRICOFLOR, Always Here For You

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