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Tarkett Engineered Wood Floors: Confidence in a World Leader

Tarkett is one of the largest global players in the commercial and residential flooring industry. With their outstanding presence in all sectors of the flooring industry, they possess extensive knowledge of the profession, the products and the customers. The overwhelming repertoire of Tarkett includes tasteful and practical engineered wood floor solutions of all kinds for almost all areas of application. With over 130 years of expertise in the production of environmentally safe, charming and impeccable quality flooring solutions for work, sport and home, Tarkett provides a great contribution to the optimization of both the quality of life as well as the profitability of customers around the world constantly.

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"The Ultimate Flooring Experience": More than just a Slogan

Tarkett’s most pressing concern is designing its integrated flooring solutions that meet the individual needs of its customers. All of its products are in itself unique and contribute to improving the quality of life, whether at home or in the commercial sector. While building owners and builders of high efficiency and profitability benefit from Tarkett’s flooring, the private users can also enjoy the comfort, convenience, security and trust of the inspiring wood floors. Thanks to the extensive portfolio of all types of flooring solutions, Tarkett succeeds in creating an incomparable living experience for is customers all over the world. The functional and ecological advantages make Tarkett a leader in the industry. 

Tarkett Parquet Poesses Incomparable Quality

Tarkett presents it engineered wood floors with a Proteco surface protection that improves its durability and provides protection against wear, abrasions, scratched and stains. Proteco is one of the strongest protections the market, and comes in three different variations to give different desired effects. These products are ultra-durable and easy-to-use flooring solution and Tarkett has made their floors easy to clean, requiring only standard vacuuming and sweeping. The treatments contains antibacterial properties, and keeps the floors resistant to stains, and scratches. Tarkett strives to create a flooring that is simple and easy for customers to handle, as well as a floor that they will love seeing every day. The engineered wood floors are equip with high-quality materials and with a durable make up.

Solutions with benefits: Tarketts Sustainable Promise

Tarkett has become a market leader in their fight to produce sustainable products. Not only are their products durable, reliable, affordable and stylish, they are also sustainable. Tarkett is dedicated to producing resource-efficient products and minimizing the impact on the environment. All of Tarketts products are 100% recyclable and are made with the health of you and your home in mind.

Tarkett Engineered Wood Colours and Natural Appearances

The natural engineered wood flooring from Tarkett insures there it is always individual in its look and design. After all, wood is a living material that is designed by nature, not machines. Every piece of wood is weathered and possess its own unique design. Special characters with subtle peculiarities in colours and structures that make the flooring one of a kind and truly realistic to nature. With a wide range of inspiring wood designs, there is no room for repetition or boredom. From gentile to agile, loud to subtle, the natural veneer of these engineered wood floors have something for everyone. There is something special in every collection.

Tarkett Elegance

Tarkett Elegance are oak planks that are made with extra wide and long dimensions to enhance their natural look and provide smooth and authentic appearances. Extremely durable planks make it a perfect fit for any commercial applications. Finished with a hard wax, the natural highlights of each plank bring a distinctive design to life.

Tarkett Play

Tarkett Play collection embraces the natural and yet exotic designs of nature, with added touches to enhance the beautifully unique characteristics of each plank. With non traditional colours and creative character, the Play collection gives something more to the Tarkett ranges.

Tarkett Viva

Viva Engineered Wood Flooring brings in a more practical and enhanced version of these engineered wood floors. These planks are thicker, at 8.5mm, and are equip with an ergonomic locking system that brings ease to the laying process. The planks are also in a shorter size, making them manoeuvrable and easy to handle. As another advantage, these planks come in 2 and 3 strip planks, making them perfect for both large and small spaces.

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