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Tarkett Heritage

Tarkett Heritage Engineered Wood Floor: Rustic Genuine Wood Features

Tarkett Heritage aims to bring back the rustic and authentic look of a true oak floor. Vintage and authenticity has made a come back in the recent years and Mother Nature's charm is being praised. The potential of Tarkett Heritage can be felt in the natural cracks and knots. The aesthetic appeal of natural wood with the practical advantages of high durability and simplified maintenance are what the Heritage collection has to offer. The rustic and natural floors are something that cannot be replicated.

Traditionally Rustic: Tarkett Heritage Engineered Wood Flooring

This collection from Tarkett is made to enhance the truly rustic features of engineered wood floors. There are six versions of the oak floor, ranging from light tan-grey, classic oak colours, to dark deep browns. All the variants have characteristics of natural wood. Detailed knots, bark pockets, natural wooden blemishes, all the features you find naturally in wood. The collection focuses on the beauty of the wooden features that cannot be recreated by humans. To further enhance the details of the raw oak, the wood grains are brushed and stained to emphasize the uniqueness of each plank. In addition, there are finely crafted handmade mini-bevels on the two sides of the planks to produce the truly rustic and compelling atmosphere of the natural wood floor. The rustic, grainy, and ununiformed look of Tarkett Heritage is increasingly popular, and in high demand.

Tarkett Heritage is Durable and Reliable

Tarkett Heritage wood floors are also equip with numerous technical qualities in its core makeup that protect and strengthen the floor. With a three layer construction the wood flooring is incredibly stable and durable. Elegance is fire and slip resistant, and well as suitable for use with underfloor heating. With a 3.5 mm wear layer, the wooden surface of the floors are protected from scratches, abrasions, and damage. The engineered wood floors are made to be durable and so they are installed in the most secure way. Glue down installation can seem intimidating, but Tarkett strives to make it easier on you. The installation of Tarkett parquet flooring is simpler pace than you may think. If you are covering an old wood floor there is no need to remove it before installing the new floor. This takes much of the hassle out of the installation process and makes your job that much easier. Your new floors can be glued directly over the existing. The 2-Lock system aids in ensuring the best fit of your floors while helping to make the process easier.   

A Protective Polished with Hardwax Oil

Rustic wooden floors with cracks and other imperfections, like Tarkett Heritage, are more sensitive to changes in the indoor climate than other flooring. To protect the floors from being cracked or damaged, they are coated with a Proteco surface treatment. The coating not only helps strengthen the floors, but it further reinforces the captivating charm of the parquet by highlighting the natural gains and grooves of the oak surface. Tarketts Proteco Hardwax Oil is an herbal treatment made from of sunflower, flax, as well as soy oils. This allows the preparation to achieve a wonderfully flat and matte structure that enhances the natural features of the floor. The carefully developed oil penetrates deep into the wood fibres of the Heritage and preserves them while the hard wax components remain at the top and protect the floor from abrasions and scratches.

Production Meets the Highest Standards with Parquet Tarkett Heritage 

Tarkett has become a market leader in their fight to produce sustainable products. As one of the most environmentally responsible companies, Tarkett offers not only durable, reliable, affordable and stylish products, but also sustainable products. Tarkett engineered wood flooring is made using renewable materials, and is recyclable at the end of its life, making a complete cycle and helping save the environment. A surface treatment on the engineered wood floors allows of better air quality indoors and helps to reduce the amount of water and chemicals that are used in the maintenance of the floor after it is installed. Tarkett produces environmentally friendly products that save resources, are health conscious, and save water in production. Tarkett is dedicated to producing resource-efficient products and minimizing the impact on the environment.

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