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Engineered Wood Tarkett Noble: Traditional Braided Basket Design

Tarkett Nobel is a collection that strives to bring back the classics of the past. Noble stands out for its distinctive basket weave design and classic oak colours. The beautiful pattern brings together the modern technology and the designs of the past to create a new form of the traditional 1950s look. The Engineered wood floor is inspired by traditional parquet wood patterned floors.  

Traditional Oak Colours with a Weave Design: Tarkett Noble Engineered Wood

Noble a collection from Tarkett that makes an impression. Tarkett Noble is currently available in four variants of oak colours, light, tan, classic and dark. All reflect the peace, vitality and dynamism of oak trees that is so popular with parquet fans. The authentic surface is further underlined by the specific traditional basket woven design. The natural beauty of the wood is shown through the modular floor and inspired tradition. This collection brings depth and sophistication with its classic colours and designs. The design also changes the dynamic when light falls of the patterned floor. 

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Tarkett Noble

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Tarkett Noble Engineered Wood Surface Protects and Provides

The surface of this Tarkett wood floor is not only beautifully designed but is also thoroughly protected. Coated with Proteco Hardwax Oil, and finished with a soft brush, the effects of the grains create a new textured floor. Thanks to this highly professional manufacturing technique, you get after installation of Tarkett Noble a space-filling 3D appearance to the face that will enrich your interior with a surprising vitality. The oil is made of natural ingredients making it smooth and harmless. It works to bring the natural elegance of the wood to light. The oil ingredients penetrate the deep layers of the wood to keep them firm and strong, while the wax remains on the surface levels to protect and coat the wood. This helps to protect the surface from scratches and abrasions. It is recommended to recoat the floor with this protective oil every 2-3 years, while this may be a little more maintenance than other floors, it is this coating that makes theses engineered wood floors so resistant. 

Tarkett takes Sustainability seriously

Tarkett has become a market leader in their fight to produce sustainable products. As one of the most environmentally responsible companies, Tarkett offers durable, reliable, affordable, stylish, and sustainable floors. Tarkett one of the manufactures who is completely dedicated to the sustainable movement. All of the production plants are up to the environmental standards and are certified by sustainable practice organizations. Engineered wood floors from Tarkett are made using renewable materials, and are 100% recyclable at the end of its life, making a complete cycle and helping save the environment. The oil or lacquer surface treatment also helps in the fight for sustainability as it helps to reduce the amount of chemicals and water needed to clean the floors. Tarkett is dedicated to producing resource-efficient products and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Installation with little effort: Tarkett Noble Wood Flooring

Tarkett strives to make its installation system as simple as possible in order to make it easy for you. Laying parquet flooring is less complicated than you might have previously believed. Before beginning the installation, it is always important to ensure that the surface is smooth, stable, clean and dry. The recommended installation method for this collection is glue down, to the subfloor. Do not forget about the extension gap, to let the wood naturally expand with the temperature of the room. Tarkett Noble makes your installation easy with a build in 2-Lock click system, giving you a simple and easy way to guide and click your planks together. Also with Tarkett Noble it is not longer a requirement to remove your old wood or vinyl floor. When appropriate, the engineered wood floors can be laid directly over an existing flooring. 

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