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Tarkett Play Engineered Wood Flooring: Unique Designs and Creative Colours

The Tarkett Engineered wood flooring collection Play contains an exciting new range of extravagant coloured floors with a certain bit of chic and playful essence. Everything from bright ivory white to elegant blacked oak is offered by Play, expressing a creative colour scheme and character for each product. New technologies and enhanced surface structures add to this ranges unique ability to be an out of the ordinary and desirable floor. A playful range with fading colours and bold choices make up the Play Collections strong character.

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Tarkett Play

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Tarkett Play beings Creativity and Uniqueness to Engineered Wood Floors

The unique and newly developed Tarkett Play product range features 10 designs that are brushed to achieve a uniformly rustic look. This collection of Tarkett engineered wood is made to enhance the fun and creative side of wood floors. There are ten versions of the oak floor, ranging from creamy white, soft grey, to dark deep browns. All the variants have characteristics of natural wood but are designed around the unique qualities of each. Fading stained, rich colours and dual shades are the individual characteristics that make this collection unique. The collection focuses on the out of the ordinary features of wood. To further enhance the details of the raw oak, the wood grains are brushed and stained to emphasize the uniqueness of each plank. In addition, there are finely crafted handmade mini-bevels on the two sides of the planks to produce the truly rustic and compelling atmosphere of the natural wood floor.  

Tarkett Play Engineered Wood Floors are Sealed and Protected

Choosing Tarkett Play opens up numerous possibilities to the traditional oak designs and colours. All of the available colours are coated with the Protecto Natura lacquer treatment. The incomparable charisma of this wood floor is enhanced by this treatment, which aids in highlighting the characteristic grains and natural grooves. The coating produces a matt surface that is an added charm. The outstanding designed oil penetrates into the wood of the Tarkett Play and preserves it, while protecting the wood from wear and tear. The Protecto also helps to simplify the maintenance process, as it makes it easier for stains to be removed. Theses wood floors are also equip with numerous technical qualities in its core makeup that protect and strengthen the floor. With a three-layer construction, the wood flooring is incredibly stable and durable. Play is fire and slip resistant, and well as suitable for use with underfloor heating. Tarkett Engineered wood floors are suitable with underfloor heating making it a versatile reliable flooring.

Easy Installation with Tarkett Play 2-lock system

Laying parquet flooring is less complicated than you might have previously believed. Before beginning the installation, it is always important to ensure that the surface is smooth, stable, clean and dry. Tarkett’s innovative 2-Lock system is designed to save you time and reduce the hassle of installation. There is a small spring, in the grooves of the boards, that make connecting the planks together as simple as possible. It is quick and easy to lay the floor and once the planks are connected, they say in place. There is no need to hire a professional fitter, as the lock system can be used by anyone, regardless of his or her skill level or experience.

Tarkett is Naturally Ecological

Tarkett has strived to make sustainability the core of their goals. They have developed resource-efficient products that can be reused or recycled at the end of their life. The company strives to acquire its raw materials from certified forest plantations, and all Tarkett products are solvent-free. There is also no need for the use of chemicals when cleaning the wood floors, making it healthier and safer for your health. Tarkett approaches its process with a Cradle to Cradle view. This means they take into account the products sustainability at each phase of the products life cycle.

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