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Tarkett Shade: Elegant and Durable Engineered Wood Flooring

Tarkett is one of the largest global players in the commercial and residential flooring industry. With their outstanding presence in all sectors of the flooring industry, they possess extensive knowledge of the profession, the products and the customers. The Tarkett Shade collection has an elegant selection of varying colours to create a natural and cosy living space. Designs of this engineered wood floor allow interiors to gain a personal touch, and gain a classic colour scheme. Tarkett Shade brings wood details and structures in a functional and durable wood floor.

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Tarkett Shade

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A Wide Range of Colours: Tarkett Shade Engineered Wood

Shade is one of the larger tarkett engineered wood flooring collections. Tarkett Shade is currently available in 35 variants of white, grey, tan and brown colours. The authentic surface is underlined by a delicate brushed surface, which enchases the colours and natural textures of the flooring, and some planks are stained to further compliment the appearance of the wood. The natural beauty of the wood is shown through cracks and knots that accompany the wooden veneer. This collection is also available in various lengths and dimensions, adding more possibilities to the flooring appearance.

Tarkett Shade Parquet with Proteco Surface Treatments

The incomparable charisma of this Tarkett wood floor is enhanced by treatment with Proteco coatings, which aids in highlighting the characteristic grains and natural grooves. There are three types, Natura, Lacquer, and Hardwax Oil, with which Shade planks are coated with. The surface oil is an herbal product, making it safe for the environment and your own health. The coating produces a silky matt surface that is an added charm. The outstanding designed oil penetrates into the wood of the Tarkett Shade and preserves it, while the hard wax elements remain on the surface and protect the wood from wear and tear. Theses wood floors are also equip with numerous technical qualities in its core makeup that protect and strengthen the floor. With a three-layer construction, the wood flooring is incredibly stable and durable. Shade is fire and slip resistant, and well as suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Engineered Wood Floors from Sustainable Productions

Tarkett has strived to make sustainability the core of their goals. They have developed resource-efficient products that can be reused or recycled at the end of their life. The company strives to acquire its raw materials from certified forest plantations, and all Tarkett products are solvent-free. There is also no need for the use of chemicals when cleaning the wood floors, making it healthier and safer for your health. Tarkett approaches its process with a Cradle to Cradle view. This means they take into account the products sustainability at each phase of the products life cycle.

Installing Engineered Wood Floors made Simple

Laying parquet flooring is less complicated than you might have previously believed. Before beginning the installation, it is always important to ensure that the surface is smooth, stable, clean and dry. The recommended installation method for this collection is glue down, to the subfloor. Do not forget about the extension gap, to let the wood naturally expand with the temperature of the room. Tarkett Shade makes your installation easy with a build in tongue and groove locking system, giving you a simple and easy way to guide and click your planks together.

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