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Tarkett Vintage Engineered Wood Flooring: Reminiscing the Old Days

Tarkett Vintage collection is a series of wooden floors with a charming patina of various colours and shades, all of which surround the main idea of a vintage feel. There are three versions, consisting of different widths and lengths that give you more choice in the design of your space. Tarkett vintage planks are brand new, but have been mechanically altered to look older, worn, and of a vintage feel. This collection is the best choice for anyone craving an old fashion deigns with modern technology. Tarkett parquet flooring is sustainable, durable, and brings an innovative yet classic design.

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Tarkett Vintage

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A Vintage Charm With Modern Strengthen: Tarkett Vintage Parquet

The trend of vintage atmosphere is a widely popular style and trend in homes, making the Tarkett Vintage collection the perfect flooring to accompany the trend. A vintage floor contains the charm of old parquet floors combine with all the advantages of the modern sophisticated technology. With 10 varying colours, from dark brown to light grey, there is a vintage look to suit every space. The oak planks appear to have withstood the test of time. With saw marks to further enhance the appearance of an aged and worn floor. Equip with mini bevels along the length of the planks, the shape and authenticity of the floor is made even more realistic. There are also two different styles in this collection, some planks are 1-strip, these are the ones that contain the bevels. The other colours are characterized by a 3-strip flooring design.

Tarkett Vintage: Durable and Reliable yet Beautiful  

Tarkett Vintage is not only stunning in its appearance but also in its structuring. Topped and finished against damage, the wood surface is protected by one of two Proteco lacquers. The Proteco Natura which has a matt finish that retains the natural colour and feel of the floor. The Proteco Hardwax Oil is made from natural ingredients and leaves the wood with a silky matt surface, while reinforcing the feel of the wood. The oil works to strengthen the inner wood, and the wax acts as an extra layer of protection in the surface. Proteco surface treatments are one of the strongest protection agents available on the market. This insures you can benefit from the long life of the all of Tarkett Engineered Wood Products.

Tarkett Atelier Vintage: Carefully Chosen Resources

Tarkett has strived to make sustainability the core of their goals. They have developed resource-efficient products that can be reused or recycled at the end of their life. The company strives to acquire its raw materials from certified forest plantations. Tarkett parquet has follows a Cradle to Cradle philosophy with their products. This approach ensures the floor is made environmentally friendly and are compostable material that can be a part of the natural biological cycle. To further support the sustainable movement, Tarkett has made their products solvent-free and practices a circular economy model where resources are recycled and reused. The Tarkett manufacturing division is certified and by FSC in their practices and process.  

Installation just got easier with Tarkett Vintage Engineered Wood

Laying engineered wood flooring is less complicated than you might have previously believed. Before beginning the installation, it is always important to ensure that the surface is smooth, stable, clean and dry. The planks should also be placed in the room where they will be installed the day before, so the planks can adjust to the humidity and temperature of the space. The recommended installation method for this collection is glue down, to the subfloor. Do not forget about the extension gap, to let the wood naturally expand with the temperature of the room. Tarkett Elegance makes your installation easy with a build in 2-Lock tongue and groove locking system, giving you a simple and easy way to guide and click your planks together.

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