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Ter Hürne Straight Collection Engineered Wood Flooring

A bold and powerful collection, Ter Hürne’s Straight Collection emanates an aura of strength and magnitude. These majestic woods are highly characteristic and come in dark tones that resonate throughout a room. With many options in carefully hand sculpted, brushed and saw marked finishes that emphasize the natural beauty of the wood, this collection is an inspiring assortment. This smoky flooring suits sophisticated interior design themes paired with warm deep colours such as burgundy, navy and emerald green. Black and brass toned metals compliment these engineered wood flooring designs greatly for a moody, masculine aesthetic.


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Wood Flooring With Real Character

The textures in this collection range from balanced, expressive, rustic and impulsive. These refer to the varying degrees of noticeable characteristics in the wood. Oak and Walnut are solely used in this collection as they are the deepest and most intense tones that intrinsically have a grandiose presence.

These come in various finishes that can change the look and feel of the final piece and some have more than one treatment to create their eventual aesthetic. A lacquer adds resilience to a piece whilst creating a smooth even surface for a comfortable touch. They come in These come in two options of gloss – ‘lacquered’ floors have a silk gloss sheen whereas ‘matt-lacquered’ floors have a silk matt sheen. This finish is easy to clean and maintain because the surface is entirely sealed and protected. This multilayered coating structure also absorbs impact by being both flexible and hard. Options such as beveled, rounded beveled and non-beveled edges are used in this collection.

Crafted With Care

Brushed wood increases the depth of the natural grooves in the wood by taking an iron brush and moving it along the piece, a deep brushed wood does this to a more rigorous extent resulting in greater emphasis.

Hand scraped finishes create a more time-worn look to the surface of the wood. This is created by the craftsman taking a slightly rounded planing knife and guiding it in unlevel lines thus emulating the natural pattern of the tree. The head of the plank is then sanded in the final stages to make a perfect transition from plank to plank.

Some options are treated with natural oil which retains the original texture for a more authentic look to the grain. This is because the open pore surface is treated with a breathable oil which penetrates deep into the wood which strengthens it from the inside. This allows a more natural cycle wherein the wood absorbs and releases moisture as required. This has a positive impact on the room’s climate which promotes good health. As the oil crystalizes it strengthens the flooring and is easier to repair.  Only needing to be maintained every two to three years this type of flooring can have a reapplication of this natural oil to preserve it.

Varying Strips For Different Spaces

The Straight Collection includes single strip planks which tend to be a larger surface area, suitable for covering a bigger expanse or making a room look more open and big. On the other hand, the 3-strip and multi-strip options draw attention to the flooring details and making a place look less cavernous, bringing intimacy and drawing the attention inwards. Each plank has the appearance of multiple smaller strips of wood interlocking on the surface.

With a wear layer of 3.5mm and a total thickness of this range is 13mm the fire class is DFL.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

All Ter Hürne floors are eco-friendly and certified by FSC and PEFC as part of the company’s conscious effort to maintain sustainable production. This is due to their values to remain conscious of the environmental impact and ensure the balance is maintained. 


Here at Bricoflor we have cherry picked the best of European flooring designers and manufacturers for the most elevated curation of flooring styles and with our personalised offers you can get them at excellent value. We also offer a sample service so that you can first ascertain that the product is perfect for your interior design vision. If you have any further queries or desire a customised quote then then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

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