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Sommer ExpoLuxe – Only The Highest Quality Carpet For All Events

The optimal exhibition carpets need to have a combination of durability, affordability, flexibility, low-maintenance, and a lot of style. A carpet is not only flooring, but it can revamp your event and give it that extra special touch. The material, colour, and feel of a carpet can transform the atmosphere of an event, and add that vibe that you´ve been looking for. 

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Sommer ExpoLuxe

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Being the biggest event flooring manufacturer in Europe, Sommer Ltd has over 100 years of experience in dealing with the challenges and hurdles in today´s event flooring industry. Sommer Ltd produces high-quality exhibition carpets that are distributed to large events and exhibitions all over the world. Their large range of carpets from luxurious velour carpets to hardy exhibition cord carpets are specifically designed with current industry trends and demands in mind. Weddings, openings, fairs, parties, car shows, or art exhibitions, Sommer Event Flooring can be used for all occasions.

A Wide Range Of Colours To Suit All Styles And Tastes

Sommer ExpoLuxe flooring goes together with glamourous dresses and champagne just like peanut butter and jelly! It goes the distance in event flooring, making any space instantly luxurious. It´s not only soft and fluffy on the feet, but it is also long-lasting so your event can look pristine for longer. From finding the perfect carpet for the aisle of your wedding to a ritzy gala’s, Sommer ExpoLuxe adds a touch of class and sass to any space. Although it´s soft on the feet, it´s also resistant to walking in high heels, which makes it the perfect floor to party the night away without having to worry about tripping in your new shoes. Make your luxe event a time to remember by setting the right mood and atmosphere using Sommer ExpoLuxe´s wide range of 32 colours. Feel like royalty with the Sommer ExpoLuxe “Sapphire Blue”, add richness with Sommer ExpoLuxe Richelieu Red”, or dare to be unique with the bright Sommer ExpoLuxe “Lime Green”. Not only for the Grammy´s, but Sommer ExpoLuxe also fits right at home – in your home! Forget about the worry of getting your floors damaged! Simply layout the exhibition flooring for your next home event, and save your floor from scratches.  

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Sommer ExpoLuxe is made using needle-punch technology, which brings safety, durability and luxury together in one product. It´s coated with a fireproof backing and is made with 100% polypropylene. With a fireproof class of Bfl-s1, this makes it perfect for adding to entrances and exits for an added safety feature to your event. It can also be used in special effects events or culinary exhibitions. Also being 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, so there´s no need to feel guilty when removing it after your event is done! 

Easy Installation with Sommer ExpoLuxe

Sommer ExpoLuxe is the perfect flooring solution for any event or a marquee gathering, because it offers great quality and performance, allowing you to focus on your guests. As it is extremely lightweight, easy to cut and place, the installation process will not overwhelm your already endless to-do list, but it will rather be a breeze.. Special products or adhesives aren´t needed to secure it to the floor – double-sided tape is all you need. Due to the special technology used in production, the carpet will be completely straight even if you have just unrolled. There will be no folds or curves on which people can tip over or ruin the pristine look of your event. When your event is over, simply lift the carpet, remove the tape and if the party was not too rough, store it for your next event. It is also 100% recyclable and meets today´s environmentally friendly demands, enabling you to dispose of it completely guilt-free. 

Only BRICOFLOR UK Offers the Best Exhibition Flooring on the Market

BRICOFLOR UK has been collaborating with the leading manufacturers in the flooring industry for decades, and always offers our exceptional products for the best price possible online. BRICOFLOR UK´S best price guarantee applies to all of our products, and Sommer Ltd.´s wide range of products is always available through our online store. Please don´t hesitate to give us a call or contact us if you have any questions concerning our Sommer Ltd. products. Our team of experts is always available to assist you.