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Flexi-Tile Heavy Duty Interlocking Floor Tiles: Made In UK

Flexi-Tile is a UK owned and operated manufacturing company which specialises in the supply of PVC flooring solutions. With over ten years of experience in the flooring market, they have established themselves as one of the leading interlocking systems in the international market. Flexi-Tile manufactures floor tiles that provide the best quality in durability and design. Manufactured and distributed from a facility in Northern Ireland. Flexi-Tile is the premier choice for anyone seeking heavy duty flooring solution for industrial and commercial areas. Environmentally sustainable, whilst being quick and easy to install, Flexi-Tile garage floor tiles are chosen by businesses across the globe for their versatile and customisable design. Suitable for practically any flooring application, the Flexi-Tile interlocking system will provide you with a flooring solution that will survive the rigours of everyday heavy-duty use.

Design Adapted To Your Needs: Flexi-Tile Heavy Duty PVC Tiles

Flexi-Tile offers a range of industrial flooring that is suitable for virtually any environment, whether you have a factory, workshop or an industrial garage, there is a tile that will suit your needs. Quick and easy to install, Flexi-Tile heavy duty flooring does not necessary require adhesive in areas of foot traffic, so there is minimal interruption to the business or operations when installing your new floor. Flexi-Tile heavy duty tiles have anti-fatigue properties, to provide support and comfort for the staff who are on their feet all day- this flooring solution can help make the day a little more comfortable. You can choose a colour and finish to match your business branding and even can print your business logo, and have your customised look on your floor!

Flexi-Tile Industrial Flooring: High Quaility, Great Design And Versatility

If you're looking for a garage floor tiles for your commercial or industrial venture, you know quality takes the top spot on the list of priorities. These top-notch tiles are made out of heavy duty Polyvinyl Chloride, that's not only incredibly hard-wearing but also safe. It reduces risk of slipping and does not contain harmful chemicals that might get into the ground or your indoor air. An abrasion resistance of group T and high dimensional stability in three dimensions naturally come standard, too. The tiles can installed without the use of adhesive in areas where four wheeled forklifts with rubber tyres carrying not more than one tonne, three wheeled forklifts with rubber tyres that carry less than 800 kilograms, pallet trucks carrying less than 800 kilograms or electric pallet trucks carrying less than 400 kilograms are used. In applications where the floor is subject to more stress, including in direct sunlight or exposed to significant temperature variations, the floor must be glued in place. For this we recommend a suitable polyurethane (PU) adhesive.

Installation & Maintenance: As Easy As A Child's Play

Another major benefit of Flexi-Tile is the how quick and easy it is to install. This means you will experience minimal downtime during installation, whilst ensuring you have a durable and resilient floor that will last for many years. In most cases adhesive is not required and once the tiles are laid, the floor can be used immediately. These interlocking tiles can be installed over virtually any surface including concrete and resin, and are equally suitable for industrial, domestic and commercial uses.

It is recommended that Flexi-Tiles are placed into the room where they are to be fitted for 24 hours prior to installation. This allows the tiles to acclimatize to their environment. In some cases where there are extreme variances in temperature or direct sunlight Flexi-Tiles may need to be glued down, as the intense heat will cause them to shrink or expand or in the case of using forklifts and trucks exceeding 800kg. The manufacturer advises on using a suitable polyurethane (PU) adhesive. Flexi-Tile garage floor tiles can be installed onto any floor that are clean, level and firm. Brush the existing floor to make sure the floor is clean of dust and dirt. They can even be laid on cracked, damp or even damaged floors, due to their innovative manufacturing process and sophisticated interlocking system. As subfloor preparation is not mandatory for installation, the amount of dirt and dust is significantly reduced. Great advantage of Flexi-tile products is the heat, cold and moisture insulation, which they provide, completely abolishing the need for a damp proof membrane or adhesive during installation. Additionally, if you wish to move the business or operations, you can simply lift and reuse the interlocking tiles in your new location of choice.

Flexi-Tile Floor Tiles: Superiority And Sustainability 

Flexi-Tile flooring is produced using high performance polymer (HPP), and is 100% non-toxic and environmentally sustainable. Flexi-Tile ‘Eco’ gives you a choice of flooring that reduces the environmental impact but also delivers durability and ease of installation. By placing environmental sustainability at the heart of what Flexi-Tiles does, they aim to ensure that Flexi-Tile is playing its part in achieving a better future for everyone. Flexi-Tile is a 100% recyclable and 100% reusable product. Flexi-Tile does not require the removal of an existing floor, therefore waste and dust are reduced, minimising the impact on our environment. At the end of its life cycle, Flexi-Tile floor tiles can be granulated and recycled, allowing them to be manufactured into recycled products. Flexi-tile endeavours to prevent harm to the environment through any manufacturing process. The Flexi-tile range has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment and all wastage is recycled into the recycled Flexi-tile "ECO" tile range. They also offer to take back tiles for recycling at the end of their life.

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